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Star Cast: Kichcha Sudeep, Nirav Bhandari, Meetha Ashok, Jacqueline Fernandez & ensemble.

Director: Anup Bhandari.

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Vikrant Rona Movie Review Ft. Kichcha Sudeep( Photo Credit – Vikrant Rona Poster )

What’s Good: The dedication to create a movie that resembles a fantasy comicbook kind of world and even replicating it on the big screen. Also, Sudeep does have a unique charm.

What’s Bad: Whoever wrote the dialogues for the Hindi dub needs to be fined. Add to that the convenient forever used horror troops and an irrelevant Jacqueline dance number. Viola!

Loo Break: The visuals are unique and beautiful, but yes there is a patch where things get supremely predictable and you can use that time for something better.

Watch or Not?: If you can suspend your disbelief as high as Kichcha raises his feet without tearing his pants from between, go for it. If not anything, the outrageous Pirate kind of aesthetics might be enjoyable.

Language: Telugu, Hindi,

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Runtime: 147 Minutes.

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So a fiction village of Kamruto (if I am spelling it right) is set somewhere inside or around a tropical rainforest. There exists a fable of a Brahmarakshas who kills kids and some adults very conveniently. One fine day a lady with her daughter and a Police Inspector are killed and begins the story where a new Inspector Vikrant enters the show and begins unraveling the story.

Vikrant Rona Movie Review
( Photo Credit – A Still From Vikrant Rona )

Vikrant Rona Movie Review: Script Analysis

Kichcha Sudeep has been promoting Vikrant Rona as a never seen before experience. Its grandeur, scale, and sheer flamboyance of it could be sensed in the promotional material itself. I am not saying it looked like an amazing movie, but you can’t deny the visual appeal that it came with. Even Shamshera was visually appealing. You know what I mean.

So what does writer Anup Bhandari pack inside? A lot of fantasy blended into a landscape that is kind of doomed but also unaffected till a very extent. The ones who have seen Bhandari’s earlier film Rangi Tarang will recognise his obsession with this world. He almost creates a continuation and won’t be wrong to say he is creating his universe.

Vikrant Rona picks up the comicbook style of storytelling. A strong man emerges in the center of the ocean dressed like Popeye or any strong character. Biceps bulging, cap covering face, and a patent cigar that burns even with all the air and rain around. But you buy all of this, because the kid somewhere in you still believes it all. And there is a lot of it, and you can even buy it with a lot of suspension of disbelief. But it is the surrounding that doesn’t let you completely invest.

While there is a lot of action and investigation like the iconic story books we read that spoke about creepy creepers and the well filled with snakes, there is also a subplot of a horror story. It is here that Anup takes the usual turns and ends up becoming another staple jump scare saga that makes you cringe more than it scares. Like why do people always walk into haunted situations themselves? Forget everything, there is a couple that falls in love just by bumping into each other twice. Not even a proper conversation, just a bump.

When you kind of wants to recover from it, the movie begins throwing Abas Mastan-level twists at you making you feel dizzy as to what was even the relevance of everything we saw until now. It goes so fast that there is no brake, because they have already invested so much time in worshiping the elaborate sets.

Also I want to meet Bhaskar. A never shown friend to a little girl who tells her that It rains in India when Americans pee and there when we do. I want to meet this kid with the most unique imagination powers.

Vikrant Rona Movie Review: Star Performance

Kichacha Sudeep does have a unique charm. He owns the screen and looks appealing. Even with oil that is supposed to be sweat, because biceps need to shine, he makes it all look like it isn’t over the top. He is good at action, attitude and stretching legs to high, did I tell you that already? He even gets to something like “mein kutta hoon taki tujh jaise bijli ke khambe par moot saku” while his legs are stretched like a dog, too high. It’s funny. But someone tell the man to open his mouth while talking, because his lips barely move.

Talking of lips and dialogue delivery, Jacqueline Fernandez is in there for exactly 40 seconds of dialogue and 3 minutes of dancing. She weakens everything even in that limited time. The Hindi voice given to her digs the grave deeper. The dubbing artist goes ahead while Jacqueline is still completing her last sentence. She was promoting this calling it an opportunity of a lifetime!

Rest everyone kind of play their parts as Anup directs them to. Because they aren’t really sketched to be any important than their 1 note characters, it doesn’t matter much, until their part of the reveal comes.

Vikrant Rona Movie Review
( Photo Credit – A Still From Vikrant Rona )

Vikrant Rona Movie Review: Direction, Music

Anup Bhandari as a director has a very visually flamboyant way of telling his story. He loves to play with the vibrant strokes and that how he visualise his comic book world. With the help of his DOP William David captures everything in wide angle because their world is that beautiful made.

The way they capture action sequences is the most impressive thing in the movie. The climax battle is gripping as most of it is one take and on a handheld camera. Directed well in all departments.

Music is as irrelevant as it can it. Doesn’t suit the vibe at all. Also, ripping off the Harry Potter theme wasn’t a good idea who ever thought about it.

Vikrant Rona Movie Review: The Last Word

Vikrant Rona is indeed a unique film but with lot of things that can kill the impact. Maybe call this one a stepping stone to a comic book inspired universe that will be amazing someday.

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Vikrant Rona releases on 28 July, 2022.

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