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Star Cast: Rakshit Shetty, Sangeetha Sringeri, Raj B. Shetty, Bobby Simha, and ensemble.

Director: Kiranraj K.

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What’s Good: Maybe it’s time I mention ‘I cried while watching this one’ in this section to tell you how good the film is. Rakshit is one of the best Sandalwood has to offer now.

What’s Bad: Nothing that ruins the experience.

Loo Break: Yes only if you cannot cry in public. You won’t skip the emotions for nature’s call.

Watch or Not?: If dogs making you cry with their fathers on the big screen is not enough to bring you to the theatre then what is?

Language: Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam & Hindi.

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Runtime: 165 Minutes

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Dharma (Rakshit) is a guy who has got the cruelest destiny one might ever think of. All the trauma and suffering have made him into a man with a heart of stone. Nothing moves him or evokes any emotion anymore. Until the day a dog walks into his life and changes everything about Dharma. But….

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777 Charlie Movie Review: Script Analysis

Portraying the ‘Man-Animal’ relationship in cinema is a tricky front. And tell a story filled with high emotions is even more complex. A very few have managed to crack the right proportion and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that we might have found another addition to the list. 777 Charlie is a film about the bonds we form unknowingly and how they shape our lives.

Written by Kiranraj K, what works the most about this fresh story is that it takes a new approach. It isn’t the old blueprint where the dog comes in and changes the life of its parents. But here they become the last leaves for each other. And this is where the film comes out glorious. While Charlie gives Dharma a new sense of feeling he stopped feeling decades ago, he fulfils Charlie’s dream before she bids adieu.

Kiranraj as he should drive on emotions. He is not hell-bent to make them subtle, but somehow manages to make them look organic even with the drama around. To give the film the innocence it needs even when the protagonist is an angry young man with no hint of it, the narrative takes a childlike shape. One that we are used to watching when one is narrating a story to children.

But that doesn’t mean the makers don’t deal with adult problems. There is an acknowledgment of people who have spent their lives in trauma, the gaze of the society that only wants to see the circus, and how it creates monsters out of the people. The most beautiful part is how the writing doesn’t treat Dharma and Charlie as two characters but as one soul who give each other a purpose and redemption. The emotions are raw, heartfelt, and enough to move you.

777 Charlie Movie Review: Star Performance

Rakshit Shetty makes the future of Sandalwood look bright. The actor is the perfect blend of commercial and content star. He makes you believe in his pain with Dharma’s portrayal. What is more surprising is the fact that he creates a bond so organic with Charlie that at no point it looks like they are acting together. Shetty dubs for himself in Hindi and that makes the movie even more authentic.

Raj B. Shetty is one of the most prolific stars and the fact that he can shine in a part that is limited, is enough to tell you how good he is. I hope Sangeetha Sringeri had a more sketched out part to play. She gets a bit too one tone and it does bother.

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777 Charlie Movie Review: Direction, Music

Kiranraj K as a director creates a world that is light because emotions are heavy. It’s a right balance. I can only imagine how much a task it must be to direct a dog, and there were 4 in this case. What the film falters a bit in is justifying the long runtime. A sequence that features a reality kind of dog show looks forced and doesn’t translate well.

Music is the heart of 777 Charlie and the songs are fresh. What is to be given credit is the efforts taken in creating the same effect in Hindi and not just giving literally translated songs.

DOP Arvind Kashyap captures the soul of the film very beautifully. Dharma’s house which is rustic and old like his inner personality and how it gradually evolves into a home when Charlie comes in is captured nicely. The film travels through more than 5 locations and it all translates well on screen.

777 Charlie Movie Review: The Last Word

777 Charlie is a film made for you to suspend your disbelief and watch with all your hearts laugh, cry and stay with it even when the end credits roll, because Rakshit & Charlie with their charm will make sure you don’t leave them for a long time.

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777 Charlie releases on 09 June, 2022.

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