Thank You Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Raashi Khanna, Malavika Nair, Avika Gor, Sai Sushant Reddy & ensemble.

Director: Vikram Kumar

Thank You Movie Review Out
Thank You Movie Review Ft. Naga Chaitanya(Photo Credit–Poster From Thank You )

What’s Good: Some parts of the flashback sequence.

What’s Bad: The fact that it is made by the guy who made the fabulous Manam.

Loo Break: Take ample of them

Watch or Not?: If you have literally no expectations from the names mentioned above.

Language: Telugu (with subtitles).

Available On: Amazon Prime Video.

Runtime: 127 Minutes

User Rating:

Abhiram (Naga) flies down to the US for finding job, creates his own job falls in love, becomes successful and arrogant at the same time. The lady love (Raashi) leaves him because he is now a stone-hearted person and he decides to go back and change himself by thanking everyone who helped him reach where he is.

Thank You Movie Review
Thank You Movie Review Ft. Naga Chaitanya

Thank You Movie Review: Script Analysis

Whatever you read above is exactly the story. Nothing more nothing less. Just that much. Vikram Kumar was seemingly in mood to make an antidote to his good filmography and some people with money blindly funded this because they trusted in Kumar’s calibre. There can be no logical explanation to the bland product that has come out of this union that includes talented bunch of individuals.

Thank you story written by B.V.S. Ravi, and screenplay credited to Kumar and Mukund Pandey, is a compilation of bits and pieces from many films about a man who looks back at his life and wants to sort the mess he created or triggered. It almost seems like “this is clichéd but you know what this story needs it” was the most said sentence throughout the shoot.

There are moments in the movie that feel genuine. Like when a girl leaves a guy for his betterment and there’s logic behind it and how she suffers the consequence. Or when two archenemies meet after 2 decades only to find redemption. But the rest is a bland mixture if too many things. Plus the time is so confusing. Because in 2003 Abhi is a beardless, addiction-less teen, but suddenly after a leap in the same year he has a full-grown beard with professional smoking skills. And why is he the only person aging? And why make him look like a stereotypical arrogant businessman with grey hair and that too at the age of 35-36?

Unlike Abhi on screen, there is not much redemption for the audience, because the people making it don’t feel the need. The present life is so dull that the past loses its grip because the base is lazy. For the lack of an effort to shape the character of who guides Abhi, they make him talk to his soul that comes out of his body after he goes through something similar to a cardiac arrest and gets fine without medical health.

Also how loosely does this movie treat the women? No one tells you how Abhi and his mother manage to become rich again in a new town even after eloping from the old one without anything. Even worse is that the mother disappears completely and there is literally no mention. Even Raashi’s character is boiled down to be a purpose with no layers.

Thank You Movie Review: Star Performance

Naga Chaitanya tries too hard to make this all look like something that has meaning. He does a good job as per his capabilities and changes himself as per the desired phase of his life. The college part is the most impressive and so is teen. The present is just a caricature.

Raashi Khanna is a crying girlfriend without any layer to her. I suppose she is an orphan, because can’t see even her family being mentioned. Malavika Nair gets some good scenes and is limited to them. Avika Gor too, but almost inconsequential. Sai Sushant Reddy is good in what he does.

Thank You Movie Review
Thank You Movie Review Ft. Naga Chaitanya

Thank You Movie Review: Direction, Music

Vikram Kumar seems to be taking a break from making good movies. Thank You sits right at the bottom in his filmography and everything about it is clichéd.

PC Sreeram tries to add a visual flavour to this world when the story moves to flashbacks. He Manages to build a good world visually in parts but what can he do if the foundation in itself is weak.

Thank You Movie Review: The Last Word

Thank you just another lazy film about a manchild trying to mend things without any layer or metaphor. We deserve better.

Thank You Trailer

Thank You releases on 22nd July, 2022

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