Mughizh Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Regina Cassandra, Sreeja Sethupathi & Scooby with his many other paw-friends!

Director: Karthik.

Mughizh Movie Review Out!
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What’s Good: That there’s Vijay Sethupathi and his real-life daughter bonding with a dog, while Regina Cassandra brings the emotional dept.

What’s Bad: It is just 59 minutes, you connect to the family but not enough to make it stay with you.

Loo Break: Strictly not. Anything less than the runtime of Mughizh is a short film, and you need a break-even in that?

Watch or Not?: Please do. It talks about dealing with grief and how it affects you. Regardless of your age, you must watch it.

Language: Tamil (with subtitles).

Available on: Netflix.

Runtime: 59 Minutes.

User Rating:

A happy family of three (father-Vijay, Mother-Regina & Daughter- Shreeja) live together in a rather unconventional house with the most beautiful veranda. Daughter (Kavya) is not really fond of dogs and is very scared. The parents one fine day bring a puppy to maker fear vanish and she soon gets attached to the new member, Scooby. But Scooby decides to part ways sooner than expected and the grief strikes the family. How do children cope up with grief? How does it affect the parents is the story.

Mughizh Movie Review Out!
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Mughizh Movie Review: Script Analysis

Heads up, I am a dog lover and any form of the visual medium featuring them has my heart already. Even Tuffy has a place in my heart. So when you decided to bring a dog as cute as Scooby on screen, keep him with Vijay Sethupathi (an actor I immensely love), you have already won half the battle for me.

Mughizh means one of the nine stages in the blooming of a flower. It is a stage where it gets its fragrance. In Mughizh, the film, the flower is Kavya and she is about to learn an important lesson in her life. The movie that stars Vijay, Regina and Sreeja isn’t a staple children film where the essence of love and bonding is taught the textbook way. Rather it is about an emotion the kids process with the most amount of difficulty, grief.

Karthik S in Mughizh does not fall into the trap of using a dog as a prop. Rather he keeps in the centre and weaves the story around him. He is the star of the movie that teaches Kavya to process his passing away. Which means, Kavya takes the centre stage soon enough. It is quite amazing how the filmmaker manages to give the spotlight to everyone in the frame equally in a runtime as less as 59 minutes. Even Scooby gets his time.

But then, they do become relatable and it does hurt you when they go through the pain of losing Scooby. But by the time the pain strikes, it has just been a negligible amount of time you spent with the characters to become one.

Mughizh Movie Review: Star Performance

Vijay Sethupathi as the father is the most relatable portrayal in the recent times. Forcing kids to do things they are scared of and being proud when their fear disappears. It is commendable how the actor with the most illustrious lineup is at experimenting with his films even when he has seen a few failures in the recent past.

Regina Cassandra is a box of surprise in Mughizh. She brings the adequate emotional depth to the movie that is about grief. While the daughter mourns, mother suffers too and she even has to process the tragedy in the first place. Regina portrays all that and more.

Sreeja Vijay Sethupathi is a performer too. Of course she has a father who knows the best acting and nothing else, but the ease she brings to Kavya is commendable. There is not fear of the camera or confusion, she is confident and that works in the favour of the movie.

Scooby deserves all the mentions. Even he acts in the film. When Vijay scolds him for fighting with street dogs, he gets upset and looks at the ground, refraining from making eye contact with him.

Mughizh Movie Review Out!
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Mughizh Movie Review: Direction, Music

Karthik manages to give his best in a very limited runtime and a complex story. But you can also see him trying to fit as much as he can. Set in a house, he uses the blueprint to his full profit.

Revaa’s background score is beautiful and appropriate for the movie to be more enhanced.

Mughizh Movie Review: The Last Word

You must go for Mughizh because it isn’t just any other children movie talking about love, it is a movie that talks about the emotion alien to them. Watch it and learn if not learn smile wide.

Mughizh Trailer

Mughizh releases on 08 November, 2021.

Share with us your experience of watching Mughizh .

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