Shylock Movie Review Rating: 3/5 Stars (Three Stars)

Star Cast: Mammootty, Siddique, Kalabhavan Shajon

Director: Ajay Vasudev

Shylock Movie Review: Mammootty Delivers A MASSterpiece For Fans & Action Lovers
Shylock Movie Review: Mammootty Delivers A MASSterpiece For Fans & Action Lovers

What’s Good: Mammootty’s massy dialogues and high intense action sequences.

What’s Bad: Slow pace of the first half.

Loo Break: If you are a hardcore Mammootty or action fan then you may not need one as action sequences and dialogues from the lead actor will keep you hooked to your seat. Otherwise no more than one!

Watch or Not?: A One-time worth watch.

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The film starts with action right from the word go. Boss’ (Mammootty) entrance in white Rolls Royce in all black attire teamed with a white pair of boots in slow motion has the audience in taking. The megastar who plays a fierce moneylender won’t mind going to extreme limits to get his money back from those whom he had to lend the moolah. Boss has many enemies, but the one with whom he shares arch rivalry is film producer Balakrishna Panicker (Kalabhavan Shajon). There ain’t anything that can stop Boss as he is on a goal to get his money back from Balakrishna and he just won’t hesitate from taking over the latter’s luxury and property away from him and he starts it off by sending a strong warning by bashing Balakrishna’s men right in front of him on his film’s sets. Sick and tired of Boss’s continuous warnings and attacks, Balakrishna asks his friend and corrupt city police officer Felix John (Siddique) for help. Now, will the duo be able to stop Boss, or will Boss surrender considering the fact that Balakrishna has his aid in the form of a strong and powerful police officer, forms the rest of the story.

Shylock Movie Review: Script Analysis

The writer duo of Bibin Mohan and Anees Ahmed just nails the script with their writing. Though it’s their debut in the filmy world as scriptwriters, the duo has impressed the audience by keeping the story in such a manner that has the audience in taking.

Mammootty’s mass Tamil dialogues in this Malayalam film garner cheers and applaud from the audience in the theatre. The actor keeps it simple and natural with his intense dialogues without making it look over the top.

Shylock Movie Review: Star Performance

Mammootty: No price for guessing, the multiple times’ National award-winning actor steals the show with his swag, dialogue delivery, mass dialogues, and high octane action sequences which not many can pull off with ease and that too at his age.

Kalabhavan Shajon: The lead antagonist is an acting powerhouse who never hesitates to get into the skin of his character be it comedy, intense roles or that of an antagonist. The talented actor as a bad dude completely nailed it with his performance.

Siddique: There’s no much to say about this actor. The veteran actor has been proving his acting caliber with time and again from the past three and a half decades. Siddique as a corrupt officer gives complete justice to his character.

Shylock Movie Review: Direction, Music

This is for the third time where director Ajai Vasudev and megastar Mammootty have teamed up, and this time too they have successfully delivered mass outing. The way Ajai and the film’s cinematographer Renadive has captured the emotions and especially the action sequences in the film are worth applauding. After the content/story the second major thing in this Mammootty starrer is the action, which the director and cinematographer duo have presented in a very ‘pleasant’ way without making it look too over the top.

Talking about the music, the BGM especially during action sequences and after Mammootty’s every mass dialogue delivery, gives goosebumps. Music director Gopi Sundar with the BGM and songs, especially the bar song and a wedding song in the film had the audience tap their feet to its tunes.

Shylock Movie Review: The Last Word

The one word for this film in Malayalam would be Adipoli which basically means bombastic or mindblowing. As said above, this movie is definitely a one-time worth watch with family on this Republic weekend.

Three Stars!

Shylock Movie Trailer

Shylock Movie releases on 24th January 2020.


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