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Star Cast: Riteish Deshmukh, Genelia Deshmukh, Jiya Shankar, Ashok Saraf, Shubhankar Tawde, and ensemble.

Director: Riteish Deshmukh

Ved Movie Review
Ved Movie Review Out(Photo Credit –Poster From Ved)

What’s Good: Genelia when she has no lines and she makes the effort to bring the pain of her character alive, she shines. A bit of the second half. Riteish knows how to make good montages is my takeaway!

What’s Bad: The lead pair is so weak at the language that not a single minute of them speaking it looks organic. Also, the ‘seen this already’ ghost lurks over the film.

Loo Break: In the first half while the love story is blooming. You have seen that a zillion times already.

Watch or Not?: Waiting for the OTT release isn’t a bad idea.

Language: Marathi (with subtitles).

Available On: In Theatres Near You!

Runtime: 148 Minutes.

User Rating:

An ambitious boy Satya (Riteish) from the outskirts of Mumbai aspires to be a cricketer. He crosses paths with a girl he falls in love with. Destiny takes her away from him and he continues to live in grief even after he is married to a girl who has loved him forever. It is about him finding his redemption and making peace with the past.

Ved Movie Review
Ved Movie Review Out(Photo Credit –Still From Ved)

Ved Movie Review: Script Analysis

Marking his debut as a director, Riteish with his almost two decades of experience knows how to package a film in order to draw people towards it at least with the promotional material. He brought in a superstar to do a song (Salman Khan), hired one of the most prolific music composers to do the songs, and romanced/irked with his wife on the screen and the two have a hefty fanbase for them as a couple. Add to this a sport that is almost a religion in India, and there are almost all elements to make a film luring. But is that enough? Is packing a story and adding redemption by the end how we make films?

Screenplay by Sandeep S. Patil and Rushikesh Turai, Ved is a movie that drives on predictable notes from the word go. But the power that it possesses is creating moments. The film creates some scenes that work most efficiently in talking about the characters and the helplessness of the man-child that the protagonist of the movie is. One has to notice how Riteish adds an undertone of humour to the movie with situational comedy when he opens the movie with the hilarious commentary given by Siddharth Jadhav and Jitendra Joshi. Such is with emotions when the screenplay adds a touch of very mature romance between Satya and Shravani. The way she lends him money without making it look like he is dependent on him. It is all good to see.

Now I haven’t seen the original Naga Chaitanya starrer film, so can’t comment on which one’s better. Having heard that there are substantial changes made, it seems like there is some effort put in. A lot of it works because the filmmaker with his team takes extra efforts in creating the world around the three leading characters and does not just have them fill the mandatory boxes. But while all of this is good in parts, the larger story that will bind it together flickers. It is predictable for a big major chunk and kind of reminiscent of many films we have seen in the past with no attempt to make this version look any different.

A lot of it is also felt because the back stories take so much time that by the time Satya finds his redemption the audience is already gone ahead. The redemption part of it is good but the journey to it just weakens the grip. Also, what exactly is the timeline of this story? Even in the flashbacks when Satya and Shravani are married for 7 years already in the present, people talk about Collabs and social media like we do now. So is the present set in the future and the past is now? And where is this movie shot? They live somewhere near Alibaugh and travel to Mumbai by ferry. But there is so much inconsistency in detailing this location that you can see it easily.

Ved Movie Review: Star Performance

Riteish Deshmukh tried hard to be the mini-version of Kabir Singh/Arjun Reddy in his isolation but it doesn’t land as much. He does manage to show a range because not often is he allowed that in films that are fuelled by others. But, surprisingly, Marathi coming out of him doesn’t sound organic at any point considering he belongs to one of the most influential Maharashtrian legacies.

This is the Genelia we should have gotten years ago minus her Marathi, of course. Can’t blame her for the bad dialect because even Mr. Husband goes off there. But the way Genelia treats silences is surprising because we have never really got to see her exploring this part of her caliber. She is not just a chirpy girl but has to enact a lot of complex emotions and she does it well. Have to say it, this is a massive shift from Mister Mummy, a film I want to forget.

Jiya Shankar does what she is expected to and there is hardly any heavy lifting in her kitty. Ashok Saraf is back on screen in the mainstream after a long time and he is a performer we all must take notes from. Still using his demeanor to curate comedy it all lands perfectly even after years. More of Mama, please! So is everyone else in the secondary cast because they all do their jobs perfectly.

Ved Movie Review
Ved Movie Review Out(Photo Credit –Still From Ved)

Ved Movie Review: Direction, Music

Keep aside the movie, Riteish Deshmukh has the art of directing montages. Just see the two song sequence Besuri and Ved Tujhe, and how he shows the flashback with slow-motion shots and sharp editing techniques. He blends the music, story, and performances so well. The camera also supports him in creating those. There is indeed a director in him but he is too bud completely yet. More on the main man chair might give us a skilled director someday.

Ajay-Atul’s music fits in the scheme of things for the film well. I am dicey about the recall value of this album though. Also, why is the title track featuring Salman put in the end and not somewhere in the middle? Not everyone sits through the end credits, so why not use it somewhere substantial?

Ved Movie Review: The Last Word

Ved has good things laced with predictability and that kills the vibe. The redemption comes late for the protagonist but the audience might find theirs much before that.

Ved Trailer

Ved releases on 30 December 2022.

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