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Star Cast: Prasad Oak, Kshitish Date, Makrand Paddhye, Shruti Marathe, Gashmeer Mahajani, Vijay Nikam & others

Director: Pravin Tarde

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Check Out Dharmaveer Movie Review (Pic Credit: Poster)

What’s Good: Even if you don’t know much about late Anand Dighe, this movie moves you and keeps you hooked

What’s Bad: There are some moments which feel loud for a biographical movie, especially slo-mo entries

Loo Break: Interval is sufficient!

Watch or Not?: If you’re an admirer of late Anand Dighe, it’s a treat for you. If you’re more like a neutral audience, it’s still a treat for you!

Available On: Only in theatres

Runtime: 178 minutes

Language: Marathi

User Rating:

It’s the day of 26th August 2021, the 20th death anniversary of the late Anand Dighe. Dighe was an ardent Shivsainik (a term used for political party Shivsena’s workers), who was blessed with hardcore and loyal set of followers across the Thane district. The day is so important for Thanekars (residents of the Thane district) that thousands of them gather to give a tribute to their beloved man. A media reporter (Shruti Marathe), who is covering the news for the day, actually feels the people are paid there just to arrive and it’s more of a show-off event. Her research is incomplete as she’s too ‘Google dependent’. Sadly, the search engine has too less information about Dighe to share. She (and so do the audience who don’t know much about Dighe) is left stunned when Dighe’s admirers share their real experiences and stories about their beloved ‘daadhi waale’ saheb.

The film unfolds lesser to some unknown events from the life of late Anand Dighe, who is immortal in the hearts of many.

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Dharmaveer Movie Review: Script Analysis

Anand Dighe was a powerful and intriguing political figure of his time, and he still remains a strong political force in the politics of Thane. It is said that back in those days, he had his ‘darbaar’, a place where every suppressed used to be served justice by Saheb in his own style. Rising above the party line, he was more of a messiah for people. All these things have been heard ‘n’ number of times, but thankfully, this film tells us many unknown stories about Dighe which deserve to be known.

Right from the rise of Anand Dighe as a party worker to how he becomes a sarkar for many, the film treats us with incidents which are inspired by true events. At points, there’s an extra bit of swag and slo-mo shots which are purely meant to please the masses. Towards the end, the film feels a bit stretched.

The film works in a flashback and it once again proves to be a perfect template to narrate a biopic. It doesn’t complicate things for a normal audience and is easily traceable.

The cinematography is good as every frame looks fresh without any forced attempt to look stand out. The casting and makeup department deserves kudos for bringing suitable actors on board and creating an impact replica of real-life figures. VFX work isn’t up to the mark, especially in scenes which involve spilling blood.

Dharmaveer Movie Review: Star Performance

Prasad Oak delivers the breakthrough performance in a titular role. His first look was itself eye-catchy and impressive and in the film, he elevates it further with his convincing act. Looks like he has done good research and the way he has captured those mannerisms (be it talking or style of walking) is simply superb.

Kshitish Date as Eknath Shinde once again proves his potential after Mulshi Pattern. There’s one emotional scene between him and Oak, which will surely make you cry.

Others like Makrand Paddhye, Shruti Marathe and others too have done justice to their characters.

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Dharmaveer Movie Review: Direction, Music

Pravin Tarde once again hits it out of the park after Mulshi Pattern. The film could have been just a fans’ service, but thankfully it scores higher more than just being a crowd-pleaser. Tarde’s hold on emotional scenes is too good and he proves his mettle once again here. His way of storytelling clicks with the audience.

Music by Chinar-Mahesh supports the film well and Ashtami worked a big time for me.

Dharmaveer Movie Review: The Last Word

Pravin Tarde has once again delivered a film to be remembered after Mulshi Pattern. It’s an engaging ride filled with loads of emotions and performances that deserve kudos. It’s a must-watch for those who want to know why Thanekars worship ‘daadhi waale’ Saheb along with their gods!

Three and a half stars!

Dharmaveer Trailer

Dharmaveer releases on 13th May, 2022.

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