Antony Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Joju George, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Chemban Vinod Jose, Nyla Usha

Director: Joshiy

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What’s Good: Joju George’s robust performance as Antony stands out, breathing life into a character that remains captivating despite its shades of grey. The on-screen chemistry between Joju and Chemban Vinod Jose injects warmth into the film. The portrayal of strong female characters, particularly Kalyani Priyadarshan’s MMA-trained Ann Maria, adds depth to the narrative.

What’s Bad: Lackluster writing hampers the film’s potential, with underdeveloped characters and contrived situations. The antagonists, despite elaborate introductions, the antagonists fade away towards the end, leaving the climax feeling rushed. The film struggles to evoke necessary emotions in crucial scenes due to shallow writing.

Loo Break: Around the 1-hour and 10-minute mark, a brief interlude occurs with a Christian song lasting only around 2 minutes. This moment provides a convenient window for a quick restroom break. Use this time wisely to avoid missing any crucial plot points or character developments.

Watch or Not?: Antony” offers a blend of action and emotion, making it a decent watch for fans of the genre. Despite its flaws, Joju George’s performance and Joshiy’s distinctive style somewhat salvage the film. If you can overlook the shortcomings in writing, it provides about 2 hours and 15 minutes of entertainment.

Language: Malayalam

Available On: Theatrical release

Runtime: 2h 0m

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‘Antony’ delves into the titular character’s life, Antony Anthrapper, a complex criminal navigating through the tumult of Avaran City. Shaped by tragic circumstances, Antony’s story takes an unexpected turn when he assumes guardianship of Ann Maria, the daughter of a man he killed. The narrative explores the paternal bond between the brooding goon and the feisty Ann Maria, blending action elements with a poignant ‘father-daughter’ storyline.

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Antony Movie Review: Script Analysis

Rajesh Varma’s script for ‘Antony’ attempts to infuse a blend of action and emotion into the narrative, custom-fitted for Joju George’s character portrayal. While the premise holds promise with a brooding hero navigating a complex, morally ambiguous world, the execution falls short due to lackluster writing. Underdeveloped characters and contrived situations hinder the film’s potential, and the attempt to compensate with dialogues proves ineffective. The script struggles to evoke necessary emotions in crucial scenes, particularly in the initial act, where character introductions lack authenticity. The ‘troubled individual turned goon’ theme and the exploration of a paternal bond Is anchored to a well-worn storyline. The shortcomings in the script are evident in the treatment of antagonists, who, despite elaborate build-ups, fade away towards the climax, leaving the resolution feeling rushed.

Antony Movie Review: Star Performance

Joju George’s performance in ‘Antony’ stands as a compelling highlight, breathing life into the multifaceted character of Antony Anthrapper. Known for his adeptness in portraying nuanced characters, Joju once again showcases his excellence in navigating Antony’s intricate shades of grey. Despite sharing similarities with his role in Joshiy’s previous work, ‘Porinju Mariam Jose,’ Joju ensures that Antony emerges as a distinct and authentic character. His portrayal effectively captures the compassion of a businessman/gangster dedicated to defending the vulnerable and nuanced performance, contributing to the emotional resonance of the ‘father-daughter’ narrative and enriching the overall viewing experience.

Chemban Vinod Jose contributes significantly to the film’s success with his commendable performance, adding depth to the narrative. As the local church priest and mediator in the lives of the faithful, Chemban’s on-screen chemistry with Joju George injects warmth into the film. His character is pivotal in Antony’s life, offering guidance and moral support.

Kalyani Priyadarshan delivers a remarkable performance as Ann Maria, the MMA-trained college student with a penchant for settling disputes with her fists. Convincingly portraying the tomboy character, Kalyani shines within the confines of her role, bringing energy and authenticity to the screen. Her physical efforts and openness to exploring diverse characters are evident in her portrayal, making Ann Maria a memorable and dynamic presence in the film. The evolution of Antony and Ann Maria’s relationship, from initial tolerance to her eventually addressing him as ‘Appa,’ is a testament to Kalyani’s ability to convey both sweetness and cringe-worthy moments with finesse. Despite certain abrupt emotional transitions, Kalyani’s performance adds depth to the film’s exploration of relationships.

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Antony Movie Review: Direction, Music

Director Joshiy’s execution in ‘Antony’ plays a pivotal role in salvaging the film, showcasing his distinctive style from the very opening shot. While the narrative may not rank among Joshiy’s standout works, his skill in the craft remains evident throughout. The director adeptly handles the actors, emphasizing their unique strengths, particularly in mass and action sequences. Joshiy creates a visual space for Joju George to portray the ethos of Antony, a character embodying both good and evil, authentically. Simultaneously, he ensures that Ann Maria’s character isn’t merely portrayed as someone living under Antony’s protection, granting her genuine agency and exhilarating moments. Despite the film’s narrative shortcomings, Joshiy’s efforts contribute to the film’s overall watchability.

In contrast to Joshiy’s commendable direction, the music in ‘Antony’ falls short of expectations. Jakes Bejoy, who garnered acclaim for numerous impressive tracks in the past, disappoints in this film. The music fails to complement the narrative’s intensity or enhance emotional moments. Despite the film’s action-packed sequences, the soundtrack lacks the necessary punch to elevate the viewing experience. The absence of compelling musical elements is astonishing, given Bejoy’s previous successes, contributing to a missed opportunity to enhance the film’s overall impact.

Although the music faltered, the cinematography and editing teams, led by Renadive and Shyam Sasidharan, respectively, delivered decent performances. The visual elements complement Joshiy’s directorial style, capturing the grit and intensity of the narrative. The collaboration between the cinematographer and editor contributes to the film’s overall aesthetic appeal, compensating to some extent for the shortcomings in the music department.

Antony Movie Review: The Last Word

‘Antony’ stands as a gritty tale with flawed execution. While it may not rank among Joshiy’s best works, it offers moments of entertainment, primarily driven by Joju George’s compelling performance. Despite its narrative shortcomings, the film manages to leave an impression, albeit not a lasting one.

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Antony releases on December 1, 2023.

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