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Star Cast: Famke Janssen, Rose Williams, Alex Hassell, Finn Cole, Anna Friel

Director: Nour Wazzi

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What’s Good: The film’s initial allure is undeniably captivating, immersing audiences in a gothic melodrama enriched by Nour Wazzi’s direction and the opulent setting. The clever twist of Katherine’s locked-in syndrome adds a unique layer to the mystery, initially promising an engaging plot.

What’s Bad: As the story progresses, “Locked In” disappoints with a lackluster execution of its promising elements. The detective game loses its charm, giving way to a predictably stretched conclusion. Famke Janssen’s performance, though promising, falls short under Rowan Joffe’s direction. The film’s reliance on a frustrating trope and a limited cast further hampers its impact.

Loo Break: Feel free to take a break during the prolonged flashbacks and contemplative scenes. You won’t miss crucial plot points, and it might save you from the film’s shortcomings.

Watch or Not?: While “Locked In” begins as an enticing mystery, its failure to deliver a transformative twist makes it a lackluster addition to the Netflix thriller repertoire. If you enjoy gothic melodrama but can tolerate predictability, it might be worth a watch; otherwise, consider other options.

Language: English

Available On: Netflix

Runtime: 1h 36m

User Rating:

“Locked In” introduces viewers to an intriguing world of mystery and forbidden secrets, as we follow Katherine, a former actor battling locked-in syndrome. The narrative weaves through her adopted daughter Lina’s past, unfolding a tale of family clashes, inheritance disputes, and a picturesque manor concealing dark mysteries.

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Locked In Movie Review: Script Analysis

Initially, “Locked In” boasts a promising script with a unique premise, blending elements of gothic melodrama and suspense. The introduction of locked-in syndrome as a plot device adds an intriguing layer to the mystery, creating anticipation for a compelling narrative twist. However, the script’s potential is undermined by a reliance on a repetitive plot device – the disclosure of vital information through dialogue before rewinding to depict events. This pattern diminishes suspense and renders the ultimate revelation disappointingly foreseeable, detracting from the film’s ability to engage its audience.

The limited cast further hampers the script’s impact, as the film fails to explore the depth needed for a captivating mystery. With only five primary characters, including the victim and a character in the present, the potential suspects are noticeably limited. The editing, interlacing flashbacks with present-day scenes and introducing superfluous content, exacerbates the pacing issues and contributes to the script’s inability to sustain a compelling sense of intrigue. Despite moments of promise, “Locked In” struggles to deliver on its script’s potential, leaving viewers yearning for a more dynamic and unpredictable narrative.

Locked In Movie Review: Star Performance

Famke Janssen grapples with a role that initially promised campy brilliance but fell somewhat adrift under Rowan Joffe’s direction. While there’s potential for indulging in the character of a shotgun-wielding ex-TV star battling locked-in syndrome, Janssen’s portrayal lacks the anticipated vibrancy. On the other hand, Anna Friel delivers a stellar performance, showcasing her acting prowess in a role that, despite its strengths, remains underdeveloped. The ensemble cast, despite its notable talent, faces a challenge with a script that does little to flesh out characters, leaving viewers questioning the purpose of their involvement. Overall, the star performances are a mixed bag, with moments of brilliance overshadowed by underdeveloped characters and unfulfilled potential.

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Locked In Movie Review: Direction, Music

Nour Wazzi’s direction in “Locked In” initially immerses the audience in a visually captivating world of gothic melodrama. The opulent mansion, shrouded in darkness and rain, sets the stage for a whimsical fairytale ambiance. However, as the narrative unfolds predictably, the allure diminishes, and the potential for sustained atmospheric tension wanes. Wazzi’s ability to capture the film’s initial intrigue is evident, but the direction struggles to maintain its impact throughout the unfolding detective game.

The music in “Locked In” complements the atmospheric elements, enhancing the gothic ambiance. It effectively underscores the film’s early stages, contributing to the immersive experience. However, as the plot loses its charm, the music fails to elevate the viewing experience or compensate for the diminishing narrative impact. While the initial collaboration between direction and music creates a promising atmosphere, it becomes apparent that these elements are unable to fully salvage the film from its overall shortcomings.

Locked In Movie Review: The Last Word

“Locked In” starts with the promise of a gripping mystery but succumbs to predictability and a lack of depth. Despite a strong premise and moments of intrigue, it fails to deliver the excitement expected from a thriller. Consider this one if you have a penchant for atmospheric dramas, but be prepared for unfulfilled potential.

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Locked In was released on November 1, 2023.

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