The Killer Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Michael Fassbender, Tilda Swinton, Charles Parnell, Arliss Howard and Kerry O’Malley

Director: David Fincher

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What’s Good: Michael Fassbender’s performance, Fincher’s visual style, Tilda Swinton’s cameo

What’s Bad: Lack of character depth, Repetitive dialogues

Loo Break: I’d suggest pausing after the killer confronts Claybourne in Chicago. The story seems to shift towards a resolution, making it a good point to take a break.

Watch or Not?: If you appreciate Fincher’s visual prowess, Fassbender’s nuanced performance, and enjoy witnessing skilled villains navigating a dark narrative, “The Killer” might be worth a watch. However, those seeking deep character exploration may find it lacking.

Language: English

Available On: Netflix

Runtime: 1h 58m

User Rating:

Michael Fassbender impressively embodies the emotionless assassin, showcasing controlled physicality and a near-unmodulated voice that anchors the film.

David Fincher’s restrained visual approach, characterized by a muted palette and striking shots, adds to the film’s atmosphere and intensity. Tilda Swinton’s elusive cameo stands out, injecting wit, style, and playfulness, elevating the film’s overall appeal.

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The Killer’s character lacks a compelling personality or a moral code, leaving a void in the narrative and limiting the complexity of the violence. The dialogue, particularly the Killer’s monologues, tends to be repetitive and occasionally leans towards self-affirmation, potentially diminishing engagement.

The Killer Movie Review: Script Analysis

Andrew Kevin Walker’s script delves into the world of a skilled professional assassin, aptly known as “The Killer.” As an adaptation, it takes a departure from the verbosity found in the original comic, opting instead to streamline the plot and inject doses of pop-culture references. While this approach adds a contemporary flair, the script grapples with fully fleshing out the central character, leaving a void in the exploration of his motivations and complexities.

The narrative kicks off with The Killer meticulously preparing for a hit in a Parisian hotel room. The script intricately weaves elements of routine into the character’s life, showcasing his practice of yoga, mundane conversations with his handler, Hodges, and an unexpected penchant for The Smiths. This routine, portrayed with a sense of almost boredom, serves to emphasize the monotonous nature of his chosen profession.

The tension heightens as the carefully planned assassination goes awry, with a missed shot leading to unintended consequences. The script masterfully builds suspense, introducing bodyguards and a hasty escape that propels The Killer into a web of intrigue and danger.

The script employs a series of gripping set pieces, from a confrontation with a brutish assassin in St. Petersburg, Florida, to a tense face-off with the older assassin in a gourmet restaurant in Beacon, New York. Each encounter is meticulously crafted, showcasing both the physical prowess and strategic mindset of The Killer.

As the plot unfolds, the script takes the audience on a journey through various locations, from the vibrant streets of New Orleans to the upscale apartment. The use of inexpensive tools purchased on Amazon to clone a keycard and circumvent building security adds a modern touch to the age-old art of assassination.

However, amidst the adrenaline-pumping sequences and the atmospheric tension, the script falls short in fully exploring the inner workings of The Killer’s mind. His cynicism and lack of empathy are highlighted, but a more profound delve into his psyche could have added layers to the character, making him more than just a skilled assassin.

Andrew Kevin Walker’s script, taking a stab at the source material, crafts a cinematic ride loaded with the usual fare of predictability, action, and anticipated twists. While it flaunts a skill for spinning a thrilling yarn, the script fumbles the opportunity to plumb the depths of the central character’s psyche, leaving intriguing facets of his persona unexplored. Nevertheless, it holds its ground as a gripping narrative, encapsulating the essence of a relentless assassin yearning for redemption and retirement in a world that just won’t loosen its grip.

The Killer Movie Review: Star Performance

Michael Fassbender’s portrayal of the emotionless assassin is a standout, showcasing lissome physicality and a voice that resonates throughout the film. Charles Parnell, as the ambiguous Hodges, adds an element of intrigue to the narrative. As Dolores, an office administrator, Kerry O’Malley brings Fincher’s signature style to life by uncovering the administrative side of contract killing with humor and realism.

Sala Baker as The Brute, a Hollywood stunt performer, promises intense action sequences, setting the stage for a clash with The Killer. Sophie Charlotte, marking her Hollywood debut as Magdala, adds emotional depth to the narrative as The Killer’s girlfriend entangled in the dangerous world of contract killing.

As The Expert, Tilda Swinton embodies a top-tier assassin, hinting at formidable challenges for The Killer. Her collaboration with Fincher heightens expectations for a standout performance. The introduction of fresh faces in undisclosed roles, Emiliano Pernía and Gabriel Polanco add an element of mystery to the ensemble, promising new talent in the cinematic landscape.

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The Killer Movie Review: Direction, Music

David Fincher’s directorial prowess in “The Killer” is characterized by a measured and deliberate visual style, creating a distinct cinematic experience. The use of a restrained color palette stands out, with muted tones and carefully chosen hues contributing to the film’s overall atmosphere. This deliberate choice in color lends a certain sophistication to the visuals, emphasizing Fincher’s meticulous attention to detail.

One of Fincher’s signature strengths lies in his ability to deliver striking shots that linger in the viewer’s mind. Each frame seems purposefully composed, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the film. Whether capturing the moody ambiance of a Parisian hotel room or the high-stakes confrontations between characters, Fincher’s visual storytelling adds depth to the narrative.

While the film may have certain narrative shortcomings, Fincher compensates by maintaining a captivating visual allure throughout. The cinematography becomes an integral part of the storytelling, immersing the audience in the world of the assassin and the intricate web of deception and danger that surrounds him.

Moreover, Fincher’s restrained visual style complements the film’s thematic elements. The subdued color palette reflects the cold and calculated nature of the protagonist, enhancing the audience’s understanding of the character’s psyche. This cohesion between visual choices and narrative themes showcases Fincher’s ability to merge form and content seamlessly.

Despite potential narrative gaps, the film captivates with its arresting visuals, imprinting a lasting impression on the audience. Fincher’s meticulous approach to cinematography, coupled with his discerning eye for composition, enhances the viewing experience, transforming “The Killer” into a visual spectacle that transcends certain narrative intricacies.

The Killer Movie Review: The Last Word

“The Killer” thrives on Fassbender’s compelling performance, Fincher’s visual finesse, and the dark allure of skilled villains. While it may falter in character depth and repetitive dialogues, it remains a visually captivating exploration of the assassin’s world.

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The Killer released on 10 November, 2023.

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