Gemini Man Movie Review Rating: 1.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)

Star Cast: Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen, Benedict Wong

Director: Ang Lee

What’s Good: Two Will Smiths, maybe? Some greatly choreographed action sequences (one where both the Smiths fight ‘with’ bikes, not ‘on’ but ‘with’)

What’s Bad: More than bad, it’s sad that the makers have carried forward a 22-year-old story with no significant changes at all (guessing by the execution of it)

Loo Break: Oh yes! Plenty of them


Watch or Not?: If you’re a die-hard fan of Will Smith, please ignore! If you like to just good action without any story, go for it (Deja vu!)

User Rating:

Henry Brogan (Will Smith), a shooter & a sniper, apparently best in the business, is hired to kill a certain someone from a moving train. He never misses a shot but is getting too old for this stuff. He learns the man he killed was innocent and Henry wants to retire. Later, he finds out he has this genetic duplicate following him to take his life. Meanwhile, Henry meets Danny (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) who is a member of the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) in the guise of a boat rental manager.

His de-aged duplicate, Junior (also, a young Will Smith), faces him and Henry fails at killing him because he looks like his younger version? Maybe? In all this chaos, an agency named GEMINI wants Henry dead for some reason but he has Danny and an old friend Baron (Benedict Wong) by his side. It’s all about why the folks at GEMINI wants him dead and how Henry makes his peace with Junior while tackling his enemies.

Gemini Man Movie Review: Script Analysis

For 22 years no big Hollywood star was ready to star in this film! From Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone; the story went to everyone but eventually Will Smith landed it. The idea of your own genetic duplicate hunting you down sounds way interesting on paper than on screen.

Director Ang Lee starts with some brilliant action sequences but all fizzle way too fast. The de-aging of Will Smith through motion capture deserves an applaud but that’s about it. But, even two Will Smiths (including the younger one) aren’t enough to fill the void of one dull story. All of the story rapidly goes to ‘WHAT?’ from ‘WOW!’.

Gemini Man Movie Review: Star Performance

Will Smith has been an essential part of every 90s kid in India, courtesy Men In Black. We all love him since the time we didn’t even know his name because he was just the guy who acted in MIB. But this is not something, at least, we expect him to do. It’s fun to watch him act, but not when there’s not much for him to do. Disappointed!

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, despite a charming presence, is just yet another for-the-sake of having a female lead addition. Has nothing much to do apart from being with Will’s character. The bad guy at GEMINI, Henry’s friend are a couple of notable characters from the rest of the cast.

Gemini Man Movie Review: Direction, Music

Ang Lee, with Gemini Man, takes you to the world of 120 frames-per-second of shooting with 3D cinematography. No matter how fancy these terms sound, they’re worthless if he has no reason of taking us to that world. Alita: Battle Angel had a pathbreaking real-life animation but it backed a great story with it. Ang Lee focuses on making more than the reason behind it. He surprises you at places but that’s not because of a worthy script, it’s all because of good technical aspects.

Lorne Balfe’s score is almost negligible. These types of actioners thrive on good music, but there’s not a single piece worth remembering in Gemini Man. Even the high-on-action scenes stay bland because of lazy BGM.

Gemini Man Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, Gemini Man walks on a tight rope managing action & technology. There’s a fall, and it arrives depending on what you guys expect from your action movies. It could’ve been a popcorn entertainer at the least but fails because of a weak script.

One and a half stars!

Gemini Man Trailer

Gemini Man releases on 11th August, 2019.


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