Badhaai Ho Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5 Stars (Three and half stars)

Star Cast: Surekha Sikri, Ayushmann Khurrana, Gajraj Rao, Neena Gupta, Sanya Malhotra, Rahul Tewari, Sheeba Chaddha

Director: Amit Ravindernath Sharma

Badhaai Ho Movie Review
Badhaai Ho Movie Review: It Breaks A Taboo Making You Laugh The Whole Time!

What’s Good: Following a similar pattern as Stree, the movie relies on its refreshingly hilarious one-liners (By Akshat Ghildial), nailing the expressions more than the full-body-act each character speaks even when they aren’t saying anything!

What’s Bad: Despite everything going its way, the one line story drags at places because of its monotonous attempt at saying a thing that everyone already knows!

Loo Break: This madcap family will not let you go anywhere while they’re on screen.

Watch or Not?: A BIG FAT YES! Anyway my review will provoke you for the same but in in case if you’re not reading it ahead, book your tickets NOW!

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Gone are the days when you had Barjatya-esque families full with shuddh desi sanskaars for whom the word ‘sex’ was equal to a cuss word. Now we’ve families like Kapoor & Sons, Mehras (Dil Dhadakne Do), Banerjees (Piku) & joining this latest trend is our cute Kaushiks. Priyamvada is the mother of the family, a kind who emotionally blackmails her son to play Housie with her kitty party friends. Nakul (Ayushmann Khurrana) as every other son, is annoyed by his mother but loves her to the core.

Nakul has a sweet girlfriend in Renne (Sanya Malhotra) and a pretty ordinary brother in Gullar. Father-cum-Gulzar Jitendra aka Jeetu (Gajraj Rao) impregnates his wife Priyamvada and that’s where our story starts. This initiates the entire phase of ‘Log kya kahenge?’ and Nakul starts ignoring his colleagues, friends as well as Renne. The story revolves around the 9 months of pregnancy and how the family faces issues from the so-called developing society.

Badhaai Ho Movie Review
Badhaai Ho Movie Review: It Breaks A Taboo Making You Laugh The Whole Time!

Badhaai Ho Movie Review: Script Analysis

The short yet impactful story penned by Akshat Ghildial and Shantanu Srivastava takes no time to set the mood the film. It takes off on a hilarious note and ends on a similar one having all the witty and emotional moments (second half) in between. From writing Kaushiks (without an apostrophe) in a Chiller font behind their car to usage of Yeh Kya Hua and the music of Kora Kagaz Tha Ye Mann Mera – makers have done everything right to portray this family as a crazy one.

However, this isn’t a perfect film ans it struggles with its fair share of flaws. The infusion of drama in the second half works well for the story as it comes as a relief when the screenplay starts to repetitive. Because the main plot was revealed in the trailer itself, there’s not a major twist happening in the story to surprise or shock you. However, all of these flaws are smartly covered by the dialogues and performances.

Badhaai Ho Movie Review: Star Performance

Ayushmann Khurrana, fresh out of Andhadhun‘s success should get ready for another one. How well he switches to a different character in so less time says a lot about the level of actor he is. I still will go with my claim of him being the most underrated actor in Bollywood and this will proof will yet again prove so. From getting the dialect on-point to speaking everything just by expressions, he has delivered a wonderful performance.

Surekha Sikri as Dadi is the biggest takeaway for me from this film. She has got some hilarious dialogues to mouth and the way she delivers them levels up the fun. Gajraj Rao is at his cutest best & his style of keeping words to his mouth makes him a treat to watch. No matter how annoyed Neena Gupta wants to look on screen, her charm goes against it making her look adorable. She has a delightful presence and she goes well with the bothersome bits too.

Sanya Malhotra is wasted! She has looked beautiful but she has a very limited screen space. She has all the talent to do more than this and I feel she could’ve distributed way more to the story. The actor playing Ayushmann Khurrana’s brother deserves appreciation, he is pretty good in his role. Rahul Tewari as Ayushmann’s friend, Junna, is good in his limited screen space. Sheeba Chaddha’s cameo is totally wasted.

Badhaai Ho Movie Review: Direction, Music

Amit Ravindernath Sharma shines as a director. Yes, there are some things which are left half baked in the story as Nakul and Renne’s love angle. But the director makes it up by the emotional portions in the second half. There’s a scene which will leave you teary-eyed and is very well directed. Hope he cover up the flaws in his next film as we are all hyped up see him evolve to a good director (Bollywood needs many!)

Tanishk Bagchi’s Badhaaiyan Tenu is used very well in portions. Loved how its music is used as the background score in some scenes. Why I missed Rochak Kohli’s Nain Na Jodeen before the film, I’m sure it’s going to top my playlist for many days now. Guru Rand’s Sajan Bade Senti is used in a quirky manner and goes well with the scene. Morni Banke, appearing in the credits, the only song that fails to create an impact.

Badhaai Ho Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, Badhaai Ho is a clean family entertainer which also is a tight slap at the mentality of certain people which unfortunately still exists. This breaks a taboo by making sure you laugh throughout. Watch this watching how much you laugh while watching the film.

Three and a half stars!

Badhaai Ho Movie Trailer

Badhaai Ho Movie releases on 18th October, 2018.

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  1. Umesh Sir kitna shi review dete Ho ap… I watch this movie ? as u say…. everyone was laughing ? in 1st half but after interval….we couldn’t stop our tears ….suddenly movie reach at the highest point of emotion….means”ronaa v aaa rha tha….aur hasna v aaa rha tha”….family entertainer 1 no. ???


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