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The Night Manager

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Cast: Jagdish Rajpurohit, Salim Siddiqui, Anand Vikas Potdekhe, Anil Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapur

Writer: David Farr

Director: Priyanka Ghose, Rukh Nabeel, Sandeep Modi

Producer/s: Banijay Asia


the night manager Review
The Night Manager Part 2 Review ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

The Night Manager Part 2 Review: Star Rating:

Cast: Aditya Roy Kapur, Anil Kapoor, Sobhita Dhulipala, Tillotama Shome, Saswata Chatterjee, Prashant Narayanan, and ensemble.

Creator: Sandeep Modi

Director: Sandeep Modi, Priyanka Ghosh & Rukh Nabeel.

Streaming On: Disney+ Hotstar.

Language: Hindi (with subtitles)

Runtime: 3 Episodes Around 60 Minutes Each.

The Night Manager Part 2 Review ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

The Night Manager Part 2 Review: What’s It About:

So Shaan/Abhimanyu (Aditya) is now entirely a part of Shelly’s (Anil) Lanka. The arms dealer now trusts him entirely and involves him in his business, making him the leading man. Lipika (Tillotama) continues to trace Shailey and is now also facing the heat of the system. Tables are turned, secrets are spilled, the part 2 is a rollercoaster.

The Night Manager Part 2 Review: What Works:

The Night Manager Part 1, an adaption of a British show by the same name, entered the Indian OTT space four months ago. It showed how one develops an adaptation without making it feel, look, or, most importantly, behave like one. The line is thing, because you might turn into a lazy first copy from adaptation real quick, and nothing can bring you back once you enter that zone. Does the Part 2 succeed in staying away? Well, it does, and with flying colours.

Shridhar Raghavan and Sandeep Modi together develop a story that borrows the structure from the original, but the sensibilities of the landscape it takes place in. Like how cleverly they changed the motivation of the manager to hunt down Shelly. The part 2 gets to the business right away. Divided in a rather abrupt number of episodes, the last three in part two act as the body to the introduction that the first four were. The fact that the show is mainly more of a ‘masala’ content, the structure it uses is slow-burn. Nothing is in hurry, no storyline feels dragged, and everything makes sense because the dots are joined very carefully.

For example, the evil in the story is Shelly, but the writing never calls him the villain, rather, he does social service as per him. Further into the phenomenon of his existence, you realise his existence was initially of the profit to a certain government. So the evil is evil, but you somehow get connected to him. Now your moral as the audience is at test. The writing counters this with not one but multiple people trying to take him down, everyone with a unique story and their redemption is Shelly’s arrest. The chase that goes in the background, while an entirely different game runs in the forefront, the layering of The Night Manager is brilliant.

The dialogues are impactful too. In a scene where Shelly puts on an arms and bomb show, he says, “dur se tamashe ki tarah dekho to jung kitni khubsoorat chiz hai unke liye jo ladna nahin ladana chahtein hain.” And that exactly is his motivation. This is beautifully supported by the exquisite nature of the set design and apparels that every cast members is marinated in. The frames are locations are luring too.

The Night Manager Part 2 Review ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

The Night Manager Part 2 Review: Star Performance:

Aditya Roy Kapur has finally found a tailor-made role for himself, and I hope he continues to choose parts like these that use him well. The mystery that comes with his subtle act is apt for the character that he plays. He is supposed to be the seducer, and that comes handy to the guy. In part 2, there is a whole lot on his plate, and stands right next to Anil most of his screen time. Does a pretty good job too.

Anil Kapoor’s charisma is unparalleled, and the star knows how to be evil too. There was always a villain in him, and Shelly is exactly the character he was craving all this time. Kapoor as the arms dealer, is a very interesting casting, and he does justice to the job. Looking at the padding of style and panache around him, one cannot think of any other actor to pull this part off bringing so much of the star vibe to it.

Tillotama Shome is the real winner here. The actor is so natural as a pregnant officer who is busy busting an illegal arms dealer and fighting her own system. She brings so much realness to her part, and her reactions at no point look rehearsed. The confidence she walks around with in every scene is so fun to witness. In one scene, she finally sits right across Shelly, and the smirk is fire.

Sobhita Dhulipala has finally found a part that does justice to her caliber as an actor and doesn’t cut short her screen time. This time you gets to see beyond her glamour and perfectly done hair and makeup. She is vulnerable and also hurt which opens so many avenues and twists. As an actor, she enjoys playing the part and showing what she is capable of.

Prashant Narayanan needs to be the new Gabbar. He doesn’t have to be evil for you to be afraid of him. The first gaze and all the mentions of him later are enough to induce fear.

The Night Manager Part 2 Review: What Doesn’t Work:

While Prashant Narayanan is great in what he is given, he is the only half baked bit of the show. Of course, the sensitivity of the descent of his character doesn’t leave much of room to experiment, but leaving it entirely one tone is not how one will be hooked to him and wait for another season.

The Night Manager Part 2 does make some lazy decisions when it chooses to introduce to the stock of arms and ammunition as they are enough to finish a country, but when it visually blows, it doesn’t even cover an entire forest. Or when a big wig government official, who is mainly corrupt, is suddenly a good man and is helping Lipika. Brainwashing and a corrupt mind-set don’t change that easily.

One of the scenes has an elaborate arm, and bomb show that acts like an exhibition of sorts. Real people are involved in the showcase, and they are probably also being killed in the same. While it isn’t clear if they were killed, but if they were, a shot from the day after, where dead bodies are being dragged out from the site, would have elevated the sequence levels higher. Considering that the show does manage to touch on slavery and exploitation of the have-nots, the scene could have done wonders.

The Night Manager Part 2 Review: Last Words:

The Night Manager Part 2 is a neatly written adaptation that attempts to be more than a remake and even succeeds in doing so.

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The Night Manager Review
The Night Manager Part 1 Review  ( Photo Credit – The Night Manager Poster )

The Night Manager Part 1 Review : Star Rating:

Cast: Aditya Roy Kapur, Anil Kapoor, Sobhita Dhulipala, Tillotama Shome, Saswata Chatterjee, and ensemble.

Creator: Sandeep Modi

Director: Sandeep Modi, Priyanka Ghosh & Rukh Nabeel.

Streaming On: disney+ Hotstar.

Language: Hindi (with subtitles)

Runtime: 4 Episodes Around 60 Minutes Each.

The Night Manager Review
The Night Manager Review ( Photo Credit – A Still From The Night Manager )

The Night Manager Part 1 Review : What’s It About:

An ex-defense officer Shaan Sengupta now works as a night manager in a five-star hotel in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Life brings another operation to him as a teenage girl asks for his help to save her. The episode leads to him getting his hands on a big syndicate. A turn of events triggers Shan to get back to being an undercover officer as he now aims to take down the bad guy.

The Night Manager Part 1 Review : What Works:

It is all in how the filmmakers introduce their characters when it comes to projects about some secret agent who does a job that is far away from the line of work he belongs to and gradually comes back to his day job, that is to fight the bad men. It is a trajectory used since the days of yore and if anyone now attempts it, there has to be something fresh to make it work. The Night Manager, an adaptation of the British show starring Tom Hiddleston in the lead, is clever when it comes to how it uses an entire first volume of a season as an introduction to what’s to come.

Now, the biggest question that lurks around the show is whether it is different from its original or not. To answer your question, while it takes the blueprint of the British show, Shridhar Raghavan’s (Pathaan) adaptation with Sandeep Modi’s help manages to give it a new vibe. The treatment and chronology changes in the Indian version and that helps in building a new world. This is Modi’s second adaptation in the same month after Netflix’s Class, and one can see his art of borrowing things and making them his own skillfully.

The Night Manager is smart at the very point it decides to reveal a lot in the first episode but also keeps much more under wraps. At the core of it, the show is a thrilling espionage that is about hunting down a white-collared baddie who deals illegal arms to war-torn countries. The writers take a lot of efforts to blend this storyline into the soil in which the show is set in. The writing connects this fictional story to the unfortunate Rohingya genocide that in turn led to unrest in Bangladesh. It takes an effort to explain to the viewers what the situation was like. While no character has any connection with the crisis directly, it does serve as a good backdrop for a show.

The part 1 is more of an introduction that tells you about this setup. These are an interesting set of characters and the teams do a great job at casting them. A man with no family or anyone to fall back on is out there to take down a syndicate, the big villain is bad but not visibly evil, he is borderline clueless about what’s happening around him because he lives in the bubble that he rules. An R&AW agent who is pregnant but isn’t stopping her from joining the operation. There are enough light moments too to give the viewer a breather. The best one is when a dog is named Loki and Shaan (Aditya) says, “Mein Loki jitna cute to nahi hoon, par tumhara friend ban sakta hoon”, or when Sobhita is reading the book The Night Manager on the poolside. I see you, Sandeep!

The Night Manager Review
The Night Manager Review ( Photo Credit – A Still From The Night Manager )

The Night Manager Part 1 Review : Star Performance:

Aditya Roy Kapur has finally managed to find a project that is making him experiment. This is a great casting choice because Aditya’s charm does work in the favour of the narrative in more ways than one. There is a visible mystery in how the character is built and Kapur with his performance keeps it alive.

Anil Kapoor joins him as Shailly aka Shailendra Rangta and they together make an interesting antagonist–protagonist pair. Kapoor, who sets out to play an out an out bad men for the first time doesn’t overdo it at all. Rather the writing makes him underplay the part. Whatever evil you see of him in the first part of season one is on two phone calls. There is nothing that creates a visible villain out of him once he is in the frame. An interesting way to build an idea and play with it. Hope they manage to keep using it well.

Can we take a moment and celebrate a powerhouse of talent called Tillotama Shome? The actor does a role way different than her filmography and aces every single bit of it. Most of the humour comes from her but at no point she allows you to take her any less seriously. She plays a pregnant woman on the job but thankfully that is never made the central point of discussion about her character. Look carefully when she is in Srilanka for an undercover on-budget operation. There are sunburns on her face, small detail but so much to add to the finesse.

Sobhita Dhulipala has an interesting part at hand that is just a tease in the part one and promises to have much more in the second part. She wears all the wrong clothes on the wrong occasions and that is possibly being used as a trait for her part if I am not reading too much between the lines. Wish the four episodes revealed a bit more about her. She borderline looks like the eye candy and nothing more to this world right now.

Saswata Chatterjee plays a gay character that is interesting but there is a whole lot of stereotyping and one cannot ignore it. While he becomes the bridge between the real world and his bubble for Kapoor, there should have been more research involved in creating him.

The Night Manager Part 1 Review : What Doesn’t Work:

That the part one chooses to keep a lot stored for the second. Four episodes are used as an introduction and a tease of what’s to come. The fact that this is the first season and a show that is yet to build a fan base for itself. It is a risky decision and one that deserves a crackling part two if you are making the audience wait.

While Anil and Sobhita are great actors respectively, together their dynamic doesn’t blend in organically as it should. Also, what is the

The Night Manager Review
The Night Manager Part 1 Review Out  ( Photo Credit – A Still From The Night Manager )

The Night Manager Review : Last Words:

The Night Manager is a faithful remake that is interesting and well-adapted. There is much more to it than just being an Indian version to a British show but the release pattern might become a problem.

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