5 Animated Films To Watch If You Loved Soul
Spirited Away To Up – 5 Animated Flicks You Must Watch After Soul(Pic credit – Imdb )

Over the years, Animation as a genre has evolved to heights that one can only think of. From being just a source of humour and gags, it found itself addressing some of the most significant issues in different ways. Disney’s Pixar recently released their emotional rollercoaster Soul that has not just left the Hollywood audience enthralled but the world has fallen in love with it. The film that features Jamie Fox, Tina Fey, Daveed Diggs in vocal presence is a treat for every Pixar fan.

Today as we all appreciate the ride that Soul is, let us get along and discover some more gems that will give you more materiel to hook your self. Probably might help to take Soul out of your system, because just like us, you are thinking about it too. Below are 5 animated gems that will treat just as the Pixar film did:

My Neighbor Totoro

What Pixar is for Hollywood and west, studio Ghibli is for the Asian audience. Known for making animated films that are bound to move the viewer regardless of the language, Ghibli made one of the most emotional films with My Neighbor Totoro. With this one, the studio showcased longing, care, love and how it can come in any shape, size, form or gender.

Grave Of The Fireflies

If there is one film that can make you cry buckets, give you smiles and hug your dear ones, it has to be Grave Of The Fireflies. The movie again by studio Ghibli is a classic example where the line between animation and real-time films blur. Based on the chronicles of a brother and his younger sister amid World War ll is a heart aching watch.


This is the feel good movie we all deserve. Up by Pixar is an enduring film that deserves every single view on earth. When a man sets out on a journey to fulfil his dead wife’s last wish, the magic unravels and a companion is found. Watch Up, you have to.

Spirited Away

Spirited Away is the most metaphorically charged film out of this slot. Talking much bigger than the age group it was technically made for, the film takes us to a land where human’s become beasts and it resembles the times we are in. Watch this to see the best coming if age.

The Incredibles

There is a superhero in all of us. Pixar’s The Incredibles takes this one note and creates a family that resembles you and me but have superhero powers. Their aim is to save the world and they should win. Watch it with your family, you will find them all in here.

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