Who Is Dino James? This was long overdue but here I’m introducing many of you to the most underrated rapper of our times – Dino. I’d like to steal his lines to explain who he is. In one of his raps, he says, “underground aur commercial ka bridge main” and that’s what he is. He’s not one of those rappers who uses the words just for the sake of making the sentences sound ‘cool’.


Every single of his rap is a conversation in itself and hence the connect he’s able to build with his listeners is unmatchable. He plays around with ‘hope’ with words motivating the dead in you. Let’s take a look at 11 of the lines that prove my claim of calling Dino James the ‘most underrated rapper’.

Dino James: 11 Lines From His Songs Which Prove Why He's The MOST Underrated Rapper Of Our Time
Dino James: 11 Lines From His Songs Which Prove Why He’s The MOST Underrated Rapper Of Our Time

‘Maa’ by Dino James isn’t rap or a song, it’s just a poignant realization letter from a son to his mother. Dino says, “Yeh khoon ka zaroor rishta hai, Par usse thoda zyada thick sa hai, Bade se bade darr maa tere saamne kaha tik-ta hai?

I’m really not sure if I shed more tears in ‘Maa’ or ‘Hancock’ – a dedication to his dog who’s no more. Dog lovers, watch this with a box of tissues in your hands. “Main dhoondh raha tha kandhe aur mil gaye mujhe tere panje” and because I love this rap so much, there’s another line in it which says, “Jaanta hu shaane sun raha hai tu tujhe jaanta hoon khoob main, wapas aana haan kisi puppy ke roop mein.

In his rap ‘Thanks A Lot’, he talks about how he’s incomplete without his parents as he says, “Mujhe nahi chahiye duniya ke saare aish-o-aaram,
Mujhe mat banana Shah Rukh without my dad & mom.

Hell, he also has a song for Sachin Tendulkar in which he takes us back to the field where once everyone used to scream in synchronisation “Sachin, Sachin. My favourite lines are, “Ummidein dheere dheere jab ojhal hone lage, paani ka ek guth bhi jab utre na gale, Sannaton mein hai mele or andhero mein hai din, Tabhi slow motion mein aaya woh chote kad ka jin… Sachin… Hamara Sachin…..

Let’s move to some of his heartbreaking anthems. Yaadein, of which there are two versions – one is the rap and another is the song. From the song, these lines will stay with me forever, “Khud ko tujhe sopaa tha, Jaana kya kam tha? Woh pal bitaye sang jo, Sab kya bharam tha? Bechain bebas khud se, Rutha mein ghoomu,
Tujh pe mein cheekhun ya phir, Maathe ko chumu, Chahoon bhulana tujhko hota hoon naakaam, Kaise tu kar leti hai soche dil hairaan

‘Dooriyaan’ talks about his incomplete love which he’s trying to complete with his words. My favourite line is, “Jitna main tujhko bhoolna chaahu Utna rahe mere paas, Jaane main kab se joojh raha hu, Samjhe naa itni se baat


He chooses the words very careful keeping it simple directing straight towards his target audience. For example this line from the rap of Yadein, “I can’t believe that abhi tak pagli, Tu mere andar aise zinda hai, Is game ka saala koi referee hai, Jo hum dono ke point gin raha hai?” Such simple words yet making maximum impact.

Now, if you’re still with me, please make sure you’ve heard Hancock before going to the next line. In his latest track, Wishlist, he says, “Na zyada bade sapne, na zyada bade shauk, bas choti choti khwaishein, aur chote chote khwab, Mummy ki shakal mujhe karni hain record, jab girte padte wapas se aayega Hancock.” A throwback to Hancock with goosebumps if you’ve already heard it.

…jaise billi ek duje ke hum kaat te raaste, saare rules regulations pe hum dalte ghaaslet…

What can be more apt than this line to describe what happened at 5 pm yesterday (Janata Curfew). This line from Tu Phir Se Soch will remain to bed the most relatable in what’s happening in the country right now. This entire song reflects reality and will remain the most underrated one by Dino James.

Last and from one of his most motivational tracks, Nidarr. The line goes as, “..aur phir chhoda ladna weak hoke, Badha main paagal freak hoke, Sang bhaaga phir main cheeton ke, Ya haaroge par jeetoge, Par ego se cheekhoge, Aankhon se paani leak hoke, Un chheethon se jab likhoge, Phir tum hi tum bas dhikhoge…

So, here it was, a little tribute to my favourite rapper Dino James and a request to all the music directors out there – WE NEED HIM IN BOLLYWOOD!

Dino – keep writing because your words become a conversation for many who aren’t surrounded by people in their lives. Love you!

Image Credits: Mehul Dabhi

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