G-Dragon Announces Legal Actions Against Trolls After Testing Negative For Drugs, Fans Defend The Big Bang Member!
G-Dragon Announces Legal Actions Against Those Who Shared Malicious Posts Against Him, Days After He Tested Negative For Drugs! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

The Korean entertainment industry recently went into shock after a few celebrities, including actor Lee Sun Kyun and singer G-Dragon, were booked by Seoul police on charges of drug abuse. Both Sun Kyun and the Big Bang member have now tested negative for drugs, regaining their status in K-biz, but during the entire episode, both were subjected to staunch criticism, malicious rumors, and online trolling. In an attempt to silence trolls, G-Dragon has now announced legal action against those who intended to ruin his image.

G-Dragon, the main rapper and leader of the K-pop boy band Big Bang, was booked by authorities on October 25 on suspicion of drug offenses. South Korea’s Incheon Police Agency booked him without detention on charges of violating the law on drug management.

Days after G-Dragon tested negative for drug tests, his legal representative released a statement, announcing actions against those who posted malicious posts, including defamation, insults, s*xual harassment, the spread of false information, and malicious slander against the singer.

The statement added, “We are preparing to submit multiple complaints to investigative agencies by collecting evidence of acts that violate Kwon Ji Yong’s rights and interests, such as insults and defamation, through self-monitoring and reports from fans, and we plan to respond with a no-tolerance policy. We will continue to hold the suspects accountable and take strong action without any settlement or leniency.”

The National Institute of Forensic Science recently notified the Seoul Police that an analysis of G-Dragon’s fingernails and toenails tested negative for drugs. Earlier, the rapper’s initial reagent test and comprehensive analysis of his urine and hair samples were also found to be negative for drugs. After the results were shared by the police, his fans on Reddit defended the Big Bang member, calling allegations against him a ‘witch-hunt’ for no reason. Many stans also lauded him for being sober since the 2011 drug scandal, in which he was found guilty.

“An entire witch hunt for no reason… I honestly hope he sues the media and everyone else that was basically already convicting him before any tests were even done. I know lots of Ifans are mad that this entire situation has probably made him more loved and admired in Korea,” one user wrote.

Another redditor mentioned, “Wonder where all those people so desperate for his downfall are now.”

“What a relief it must be for him to finally have his name cleared. I don’t follow him this closely, but everyone must know about all the results; it’s only fair after all the horrendous things that have been said about him,” mentioned a third user.

“Not a single test was positive… The police have some explaining to do. The reaction in SK after the negative tests has been very supportive of him. He is still the ultimate male K-pop idol. Just wishing for good vibes and health for GD!” emphasized another netizen.

G-Dragon negative in fingernail drug test
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G-Dragon, whose real name is Kwon Ji Yong, had earlier denied the allegations of committing drug-related crimes. He had also emphasized undertaking all the drug tests to prove his innocence. “I think it would be good if the investigative agency would quickly and accurately state the results. I actively cooperated with the investigation, whether it was testifying or submitting hair. I answered truthfully,” the singer told the media after the first round of the investigation.

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