Zack Snyder's Justice League Sequel Had Plans Of Introducing A New Villain Pulling All The Strings
Zack Snyder’s Justice League Sequel Had Plans Of Introducing A New Villain (Picture Credit: IMDB)

DCEU kicked off in the right direction with Zack Snyder behind the wheel. However, not every great thing comes to fruition. The same thing happened with the Snydervesrse, which was a detailed plan of your favourite DC superheroes going against the most powerful supervillains. It all came crashing down in 2016 when Justice League dropped and the movie was slammed by almost everyone. Now, a DCEU creative has revealed the big plans they had for the Justice League Sequel. There was going to be a Flash villain!

Snyder has time and again explained that he had plans of creating an Avengers: Endgame-esque meet-up for the DCEU superheroes. But according to the fans, his vision was not taken into consideration, following which he stepped out. But that doesn’t mean we cannot know what they had planned. Let’s take a look.

The biggest reveal is that despite having big names like Lex Luthor, Joker, and, most importantly, Darkseid, the main villain in Zack Snyder’s Justice League is going to be something else. DC storyboard artist Jay Olivia tells Inverse that there will be a Flash trilogy leading up to a Flashpoint crossover. This is where the main guy pulling all the strings will be revealed. Jay worked with Rick Famuyiwa. He says, “Originally, there was supposed to be just Zack’s five films and one side movie, which ended up being Suicide Squad. Rick’s movie was laying the groundwork for Zoom as the big baddy of the DC Universe.”

For those who do not know, Zoom is Reverse Flash and is a straight-up supervillain. Jay continues explaining the plan for Zoom, “It was Professor Zoom pulling the strings because he had come from the future to basically f*ck with Barry. In the Flash movies, Zoom would be the villain in the background. But also in the ancillary other films, you would see some of the influences of Zoom on the rest of the Justice League.” When the Justice League would go against Zoom, it will serve as a reboot to the entire franchise.

Jay explains, “At the ending of Zack’s Darkseid quadrilogy, or whatever, we would end up with a Justice League Unlimited version of the Snyderverse. And then you flip it. You do Flashpoint Paradox. Everybody who’s friends are now enemies, and it’s a world that you don’t want to live in. You can reboot the universe and introduce a new cast that way. Because after 10 years, the actors need to go onto something else.” Jay concludes, “All of the missed opportunities.” It’s truly a disturbing fact that DC Comics gave birth to such intriguing characters, many of which have earned billions at the box office but are now struggling to find their way.

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