Zack Snyder Talks About Justice League Sequel & It’s Possibility
Zack Snyder Opens Up On Justice League Sequel Being More Likely Than Restoring His Cut (Pic Credit: Getty, IMDb)

Zack Snyder is a Hollywood filmmaker who has managed to make the most number of headlines in the past year. The filmmaker, in a way, won a battle when he got to release Snyder Cut Of Justice League on HBO Max. But several hearts were broken when it was speculated that Warner Bros was in no mood to continue working with the filmmaker. But Zack already has a plan for Justice League 2 and 3.

Yes, you read that right. There have been numerous speculations regarding the future of SnyderVerse, and whether Zack Snyder will reprise his position or not. The filmmaker himself went on record, through Vero, and said that the studio is not interested in having him on board. But he is now opening up on his plans for Justice League 2 & 3. Interestingly, Superman (Henry Cavill) and Lois Lane’s (Amy Adams) powerless son has a lot to do in the same. Read on to know everything and also what Snyder has to say.



As per Comicbook, according to Zack Snyder’s plan for Justice League 2 & 3 Louis will be pregnant with Clark’s child, who will be born powerless. Going through coming of age, the child will be the next Batman in the universe and tackle bad men just like his father. Zack said, “Lois is definitely pregnant and you would have to then tell the story of Lois’ child. It would be a big part of the story going forward. But I think the version with Lois, that she’s pregnant with Clark’s child, is a wrinkle that is slightly different from that version, but we had that figured out. Look, the story’s figured out.”

Zack Snyder added, “I know what to do, it’s not a question. But the truth is, the Snyder Cut came out, just to give you a sense of it. I haven’t heard from them, I don’t know what they think. I do love these characters and I love the world, clearly, but yeah, I just don’t know what their plans are or what they’re up to.”

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