Wonka: Johnny Depp's Cameo Using Marvel's Trick That's Harming Them Would've Started A Franchise...
Wonka: Johnny Depp’s Cameo Using Marvel’s Trick That’s Harming Them Would’ve Started A Franchise…(Photo Credit –IMDb)

Wonka is out just at the right time of the festive season, and Timothee Chalamet has just kicked it out of the park by playing the magical chocolatier with his trademarked charm. Yes, the second half did get a bit convenient and easy-flowing, but it’s a sweet little film overall. Did we miss Johnny Depp’s cameo in it? Yes! Would it have made sense? Maybe! How? Let’s figure it out together!

Yes, before the Willy Wonka fans started slamming saying this film wasn’t a prequel to Depp’s Charlie & Chocolate Factory (2005), but it served as a spiritual prequel to the original Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971), yes, we know that.

For those who are still confused about how that was – 2 things: Oompa Loompa’s Green Hair, Orange Skin, a throwback to 1971’s original film, and Wonka’s dialogue “scratch that, reverse it” is a direct throwback to Gene Wilder’s “strike that, reverse it” line from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

So, now that we’re clear on what the film is let’s jump to what it could’ve been. Warner Bros. could’ve taken a leaf out of Disney’s book to pull off a trick (that’s been harming them of late) no one in the world could’ve imagined. What trick might you ask? The ‘Multiverse’ trick.

Imagine Timothee Chalamet’s Wonka giving a speech about how much he loves chocolate and how love wins over everything, and suddenly Johnny Depp’s quirky, eccentric & enigmatic version of Willy Wonka appearing to complete that speech in his own style, giving the world an example of how both these versions of the same character were written so differently, proving the makers’ masterstroke right.

This indeed could’ve been an entertaining post-credit sequence, leaving the world of possibilities open for the makers to adopt a franchise model no one could’ve imagined.

Describing Timothee Chalamet’s charm in Wonka, our in-house reviewer Umesh Punwani said, “The good thing for Timothée Chalamet is that he doesn’t have the footsteps of previous Wonkas to follow, giving him ample room to create a different character for himself. Fans expecting the same traits will get disappointed, but the ones who know how to take a fresh take will surely appreciate Chalamet’s earnestness.” Why not read the full Wonka movie review here?

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