Pedro Pascal Opens Up On Wonder Woman 1984’s Criticism
Wonder Woman 1984: Pedro Pascal Talks About Criticism Of The Film(Pic credit: Getty Images)

Wonder Woman 1984 after many delays hit the big screens on Christmas 2020. The film had a lot riding on its back and initially it did got some amazing reviews with its release. But days later the film did grab some negative limelight as mixed criticism made its way to the Internet. Many people called the Gal Gadot starrer a cheesy ride and some even alleged that the film has way too many loopholes to begin with. Talking about the same is now Pedro Pascal who plays a very significant part in the movie.

Happens to be that a fan of the movie shared a very long note defending Wonder Woman 1984, giving back to the trolls. In his statement he wrote that it is disheartening to see people label the film cheesy.

The Wonder Woman 1984 fan wrote, “I think it’s sad in 2020 that viewers will label a heartfelt homage to past filmmaking as ‘cheesy’, or that a story that suggests truth and love are something to aspire to as being laughable, or that a film highlighting our own narcissism, megalomania and continual desire for ‘the next best thing’ is labeled as ‘preachy’. No, not everyone has to like a film but the comments I’m seeing on Twitter and Facebook are a red flag to the state of the world and the human mindset.”

He added, “Dig down people, look in the mirror and have hope, we can and must do better. It’s easy to look to something outside of ourselves – for a hero with powers to fix things but we are our own problem and the sooner we acknowledge that the better – it just means we gotta get off our a$$es and do something about it. She saves the planet with a superpower that’s in all of us. # Wonder Woman 1984.”

While this did impress and ring bells for a lot of people across the globe, it also grabbed Pedro Pascal’s attention. Pedro decided to comment on the same and make it clear that he does agree with the same. He wrote, “This is amazing.”

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