Uma Thurman In An Interview Spoke About Quentin Tarantino Using A D*ldo As A Punishment On The Set
Uma Thurman Once Claimed How Quentin Tarantino Used A S*x Toy To Punish Crew Members Who Fell Asleep On The Set (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Acclaimed filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is known for his unusual ways of filming his movies and his quirky approach towards his cast and crew. Shedding light on the same, Hollywood star Uma Thurman in one of her earlier interviews spilled the beans on how the director used a very different way to punish those who fell asleep on the film set of Kill Bill. Scroll down to read more.

Way back in 2003, Uma Thurman appeared on the show Late Night with Conan O’Brien where the actress revealed how Quentin Tarantino used a giant d*ldo as a weapon for punishment on the crew members of Kill Bill.

According to Ladbible, Uma Thurman on the show revealed that Quentin Tarantino’s “weapon of choice” to discipline his cast would set most people off. “He had a weapon of choice,” quipped Thurman as she revealed that it was a “large d*ldo.” She dubbed the unusual weapon an “elephant inseminator’ while gesturing about its width. The actress further stated, “Whenever snores would be found in various corners of the set, [it] would be brought out like Jaws,” adding, it “would be presented in some really ungodly, horrific angle next to the face of the offending sleeper.” The renowned actress claimed that she was “troubled” by this discipline method and found it “unkind.”

Quentin Tarantino would then take pictures of the sleeper and put them on a board for all on set to see. The Pulp Fiction star added that she also tried to stop the unusual punishment, saying: “I attempted to kidnap this wall on several occasions…I believe the board went missing once or twice” as Tarantino would always keep the pictures locked.

The Django Unchained director in a different interview later claimed that the s*x toy was a large purple d*ldo named ‘Big Jerry’ while explaining the reason behind the punishment.

“It did always kind of bug me when you shoot at night and all of a sudden you see a crew member sleeping or an actor sleeping. That always kind of bugged me. So I came up with something where it wouldn’t bug me,” asserted Tarantino.

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