Katie Stevens Once Opened Up On The Unrealistic S*x Scenes In TV Shows
When The Bold Type Actress Katie Stevens Called S*x Scenes In TV Shows ‘Unrealistic’(Pic Credit : Instagram/thekatiestevens)

The Bold Type is one of the most underrated contents on Netflix. It features 3 women in their 20s make their way towards a successful life amid the work pressure, complicated dating lives and more! The series stars Aisha Dee, Katie Stevens and Meghann Fahy in the leading roles and the final season is set to premiere on 26th May.


One of the most interesting character arcs can be seen in Katie’s character, Jane Sloan. She’s had massive barriers in both professional as well as personal life. She began working as an intern but eventually gears up to lead the journalists at the Scarlet Magazine. Being amongst the rare women of this generation, she’s never had an org*sm and also has her inspiring journey dealing with the BRCA gene mutation (responsible for breast cancer).


The Bold Type is a mixture of all the kind of content the audience wants today. It’s uplifting, progressive, there’s bold content and a major take for fashionistas too! But despite being a part of the numerous s*x scenes herself, did you know? Katie Stevens once called out TV shows that showcase women having these crazy org*sms during one nightstands!

In an interview with NBC News, Katie Stevens said, “I think what Jane’s experienced is actually really common for women, everything you see on TV makes it seem like it’s such an easy thing to attain. You watch things on TV and it’s people having crazy s*x and women achieving these crazy org*sms with a one-night stand and it’s just so unrealistic.”

The actress also normalized the fact that it is absolutely normal if a woman never had an org*sm before. She added, “If you’ve never had an orgasm before, so what? There’s tons of women who haven’t either.”

Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee and Meghann Fahy would be seen conquering the world in The Bold Type Season 5. Are you excited?

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