Matt Damon Felt Dumb While Filming Ford Vs Ferrari With Christian Bale For This Understandable Reason
Did Matt Damon Have Second Thoughts While Filming Ford Vs Ferrari With Christian Bale? Said, “I Just Thought ‘This Is Really Dumb’”(Photo Credit –Still From Movie)

Matt Damon has proved his acting prowess time and again with movies like Good Will Hunting, The Departed, and the Bourne Identity series. From Leonardo DiCaprio to Matthew McConaughey, the star has worked with everyone. He recently starred in Ford vs Ferrari along with Christian Bale and gave a terrific performance. But interestingly, he was underconfident while filming the movie, and the reason is quite understandable. Scroll on to learn more.

Ford vs Ferrari was released in 2019 with Bale and Damon in leading roles. The movie was inspired by a true story and is based on a 24-hour-long race. While the former played the role of Ken Miles, the latter portrayed Carroll Shelby.

Before the shooting of Ford vs Ferrari began, Matt Damon took a small break from acting. As per Ace Showbiz reports, he explained his hiatus and said in 2016, “I took a bunch of roles in a row. I have done four straight movies in a row, and I have one more to go. But I’m excited to finish out this year of work and take a year off and be at their behest for once.” After spending much-needed time with his family, he came back to work after two years and started filming Ford vs Ferrari with Christian Bale. He shared the experience and said that he was not extremely comfortable.

During an interview with The Off Camera Show, Matt Damon said that he felt ‘dumb’ while shooting for Ford vs Ferrari with Christian Bale. He said, “The first day I was on set, I was in these pants and I hadn’t, I kinda been avoiding the fact that I was going to work, so I didn’t take the pants and break them in. I had a cowboy hat on, it didn’t feel comfortable on my head and I had cowboy boots that I hadn’t broken in… On my way to set I just thought ‘this is really dumb.”

But it all worked out well, and both the actors had a blast during the shoot. The movie was a hit, and Matt and Christian shared a great camaraderie on set. Despite the former’s discomfort, the Dark Knight actor believed that Damon should direct. While talking to GQ once, Bale was asked what he had learnt about the other actor, and he said, “That he needs to direct. I definitely learnt that. I would hear Matt and Jim [Mangold, the director] having conversations that went right over my head.”

Matt Damon was quite excited about the prospect and would have loved to direct Christian Bale in his movie.

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