When The Wolf of Wall Street Str*pper Recalled Failing To Get Leonardo DiCaprio At ‘Attention’ Jokingly Saying "He Thought About His Dead Grandmother"
Did You Know? Leonardo DiCaprio Didn’t Get Aro*sed When The Wolf of Wall Street Str*pper Gave Him A Lap Dance! Actress Jokes “He Thought About His Dead Grandmother”(Pic Credit: Movie Still)

Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Donnie Azoff, Margot Robbie and more is not a film fir for people below 18 to watch. Filled with cuss words and several A-Rated scenes, this biographical black comedy crime film is sure to get the temperature soaring and you hot for some action.

But did you know, Leo was able to maintain his composure and not get ar*used while filming it? Well, the scene in question is the one where he goes to a str*p club after entering the Wall Street scenes and receives a lap dance. Read on to know how it went by the actress who played the part.

As per a TMZ interaction with Tracie Jayne in 2014, the actress – who was cast as a stripper in The Wolf of Wall Street got candid about giving Leonardo DiCaprio a lap dance. The actress, while stating that she threw herself into her work by grabbing the Titanic by the hair, licking his neck and even biting his ear, revealed that she failed to give the actor a b*ner.

The 1-minute odd long video shared by the publication features the editorial team discussing Tracie Jayne’s interview with their reporter on field. While talking about whether she got p*ked while giving Leonardo DiCaprio a lap dance in The Wolf of Wall Street she said she failed to ar*used. The actress jokingly said, “Maybe he was wearing Spanx or he taped it down or … thought about his dead grandmother. He was very much a gentleman.”

The video even shows the publication’s employees feel bad for Tracie Jayne as they would also have wanted a ‘bone’ hitting them if they were ar*using Leonardo DiCaprio. As per the report, Jayne – who’s actually a standup comic, added that Leo had a good time and told her to “go for it.”

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