When Lady Gaga Said, "I Started Crying..." After Gossip Blogger Perez Hilton Made Mean Remarks About Her & Comparison To Madonna
When Lady Gaga Said, “I Started Crying…” After Gossip Blogger Perez Hilton Made Mean Remarks About Her Online ( Photo Credit – Instagram; Facebook; Wikimedia )

American singer and actress Lady Gaga is well known for her image reinventions and musical versatility. While she is one of the most famous pop stars in the music industry, she has often spoken her mind without mincing words. She also spoke openly of her fiery feud with gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

Gaga is well known for songs like ‘Bad Romance’, ‘Telephone’, and ‘Alejandro’. Her second full-length album, Born This Way (2011), explored electronic rock and techno-pop and sold more than one million copies in its first week. Seemingly the gossip blogger hated the album.



Back in 2013, Lady Gaga appeared on Howard Stern’s show where she spilled beans about her beef with gossip blogger Perez Hilton. “He started asking me really terrible questions, and he was being very negative about Born This Way, and we had had a lot to drink,” the singer said, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

The Applause singer then said, “He was supposed to be my friend and I felt betrayed, so I started crying. And then my friend had to come in and pull the camera out, they wouldn’t turn the cameras off. And then he apologized, but I sort of felt like it was like, ‘But I’m Perez Hilton so I’m allowed to treat you this way.’ I looked at him and said, ‘Just because you are who you are, does not mean that our friendship doesn’t mean anything when the cameras turn on. So, now I see who you really are.’ And I was done after that.”

For the uninitiated, the gossip blogger was an early fan of Lady Gaga. He frequently favoured her work on his blog and expressed a genuine desire to put an end to celebrity antagonising online. Yet he has shown no mercy for her fourth album, urging his Twitter followers to choose Christina Aguilera’s unimpressive Bionic album over Gaga’s ARTPOP.

Gaga then revealed, “He’s just mad that I don’t want to hang out anymore because I don’t want to be around fake people. I really believed, when I first met him, that he wanted to change. I really believed that he wanted to bully people less on his site and that he wanted to move into a more positive space. I was really there for him and I really supported him.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Lady Gaga alleged that the columnist had applied to live in her building after she asked him to actually send her mean text messages and tweets. “He put an offer in on two apartments in the building. Why do you need to live in my apartment? There’s only one reason: to try to hurt me, or harass me, or blow yourself up. If you hate me, hate me from over there. Continue firing away on your blog and your Twitter,” she said.

A Star is Born actress then opened up about constant comparison with Madonna. “You know, the whole thing is really rooted in Madonna — that’s sort of the center of it, and no one has really said that or admitted to it. There’s this thing with some people that I’m a ‘threat to the throne’ and I don’t want your … throne. And no thanks, and I have my own. And I don’t actually want a throne at all because I don’t view myself as a queen. I view myself as one of my fans and that’s it.”

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