Kate Winslet Once Revealed How Starring In Titanic Led Her To Do Smaller Projects
Kate Winslet Once Revealed How Starring In Titanic Led Her To Do Smaller Projects (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Kate Winslet is among the most celebrated actresses in the entertainment industry. With her sheer talent, Kate has proved there is nothing that she cannot do and pulled off every role that has come her way. Although she was already a lead actress before her biggest hit, the 1997 film Titanic, she was shot to massive global fame overnight after the movie was released. While any actress would do anything for such fame, Kate opted to do smaller projects regardless of whether people would see them or not.

The British actress has been in the industry for over three decades now. She started off at 15 with small supporting roles and soon established herself as a leading lady. Her breakthrough came with the Oscar-nominated Sense and Sensibility, but she was globally recognised after he smash hit Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio.

It is safe to say that Kate Winslet nailed the role of Rose opposite Leonardo’s Jack in the movie and their chemistry was lauded widely. James Cameron’s Titanic is also among the highest-grossing movies of all time, and it even enjoys a separate fanbase.

Despite all the popularity and fame, it was all hard to process for Kate Winslet, who was in her early 20s at that time. During a roundtable discussion for the Los Angeles Times, the Mare of Easttown actress once revealed how pressurised she felt after Titanic. She said, “There was definitely a moment after Titanic when there was quite a bit of pressure.” She further recalled being told, “‘This is it … this is the moment young actors dream of … look at this incredible offer that’s come in. And look at this salary you’re being offered.’”

However, Kate added, “I was too scared, I wasn’t ready to be a famous person … I was 21, 22 years old. I had so much to learn. Also, I didn’t want to screw up early on. I wanted to always be doing this job.” “I at least was smart enough to know you don’t do that by taking a big fat paycheck and just going with the biggest fattest opportunity just because it’s there, and that seems to be the thing you’re meant to do.”

As a result, Kate Winslet revealed how she opted to do smaller projects and said, “And so I did push back, and I did do smaller films, and I did things that I knew would actually make me happy and would challenge me, regardless of whether anyone saw them or not. And that was where I had to be brave.” However, her agent was not really happy with her choices.

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