When 'Jon Snow' Kit Harington Got Candid About Filming S*x Scene With 'Khaleesi' Emilia Clake In Game Of Thrones; Read On
When ‘Jon Snow’ Kit Harington Got Candid About Filming S*x Scene With ‘Khaleesi’ Emilia Clarke In Game Of Thrones(Pic Credit: Movie Still, Poster)

American fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones is one of the most loved shows ever since it began airing in 2011. The show is quite popular for its complex characters, story, and frequent use of n*dity and violence. British actors Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington once even spoke about it.

In the highly popular fantasy drama show, Emilia plays the role of Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen while Kit played the role of John Snow, who was unaware of his Targaryen ancestry. Both have a romantic relationship and had some steamy s*x scenes as well.

While on-screen, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow have strong chemistry, and off-screen both actors share a great bond of friendship. In fact, it even became awkward and weird between both Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington while filming the simulated s*x scene.

During a conversation with News.com.au, both stars became quite candid opening up about filming the steamy scenes. Harington asked, “Well, it’s odd, isn’t it? Emilia and I were best friends over a seven-year period by the time we had to kiss. Usually, the love-interest aspect of a story happens early on in a series, so you don’t know each other well by the time you’re intimate with that person.”

Kit Harington then added, “So with Emilia, we’d be looking at each other, and we’d be laughing when we had to do intimate scenes. The thing is, Emilia, myself and my wife Rose (Leslie) are all very good friends. So, it’s weird. As actors, it’s our job but there’s an element of weirdness to it when you’re having dinner, the three of you, and someone asks, ‘How was your scene today?’” he laughs.

“But I mean, Emilia Clarke is wonderful, I love her, and I’ve loved working with her. And really, it’s not hard to have to kiss her. But I did like pretending it was,” he recalls. “I’d pretend to throw up when we had to kiss.”

The English actress then added, “Oh yes,”, rolling her eyes. “That was lovely when Kit would pretend to be sick every time he had to look at me,” she jokes. “We giggled a lot, especially the first time we started shooting together because, as Kit says, the three of us hung out together a lot. We’re good friends.”

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