When Jennifer Lawrence Went The Extra Mile & Didn’t Wash Her Hair For A Week To Bag A Role
When Jennifer Lawrence Went The Extra Mile & Didn’t Wash Her Hair For A Week To Bag A Role (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Jennifer Lawrence has come a long way in her career and established herself as a leading lady and one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood. After starting off with TV, she soon became a big movie star. But, to come this long in her journey, the actress was ready to give her best. She even stayed unhygienic for weeks which brought her breakthrough with the 2010 independent film Winter’s Bone.

JLaw has proved she is among the best and most talented actresses in Hollywood by bringing many characters to life and winning n number of accolades. However, it was not an easy journey for her as she gave her everything to her career.

The actress was still doing small roles in TV shows and movies before her breakout role of a poverty-stricken teenager came with Winter’s Bone. But, the makers of the movie were not ready to cast Jennifer Lawrence in the role as they thought her good looks would come in the way of the serious character. But, JLaw was not ready to give up that easily and went the extra mile for it.

Once, in an interview with The Guardian, the Red Sparrow star revealed that she thought the role in Winter’s Bone was the best female role she had ever read which is why she did not want to give up. Jennifer Lawrence said, “I thought it was the best female role I’d read – ever. I was so impressed by Ree’s tenacity and that she didn’t take no for an answer.”

The Hunger Games star further disclosed how she chose to be unhygienic to prove she was a fit for the movie. She said, “For the audition, I had to fly on the redeye to New York and be as ugly as possible. I didn’t wash my hair for a week, I had no makeup on. I looked beat up in there. I think I had icicles hanging from my eyebrows.”

Her fantastic performance in the movie brought Jennifer Lawrence her first Oscar nomination.

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