Jennifer Aniston Once Shared Being A Part Of The Mile High Club
Jennifer Aniston Once Confessed Of Having S*x With A Pilot In The Cockpit(Photo Credit:Youtube)

Jennifer Aniston’s life has always been of great interest to the audience, especially because of the status she enjoys as a celebrity and her relationship with Brad Pitt. But that doesn’t mean she has not done anything that will make your eyes pop, and she proved it when Jen revealed that she is a part of the Mile High Club! She once shared her story on a talk show, and to know the deets, keep scrolling.

The actress has millions of fans, and she gained even more after confidently sporting her grey hair in one of the actress’ recent posts. She has always been a delight to watch on screen, no matter how long she’s been there, and her grip over the comedy genre is very commendable.

Jennifer Aniston has graced The Ellen DeGeneres Show multiple times, and in one of her appearances, Aniston shared her mile-high experience with the host and the audience. During the Never Have I Ever segment, Ellen asked her, “Have you ever joined the Mile High Club?” Jen honestly answered the question with the ‘I Have’ board generating a loud hooting from the live audience there. The host dragging it a little more, asked the follow-up question, “Never have I ever… with the pilot?”

Jenifer Aniston answered, “Oh God… I Have”, shocking Ellen, but that didn’t stop the host as she continued, “And the co-pilot?… and the flight attendant?” The Friends star kept her ‘I Have’ card up in the air only. For the uninitiated, the Mile High Club is an urban term for those who have had s*xual int*rcourse while on a plane, and it’s at flight.

Check out Jen’s misery while revealing her secrets here:

Jennifer Aniston has demanded some time off from work. She told People that after next week, she would take June and July off, and she further said that she would travel, which she couldn’t do because of the pandemic. And on the professional front, her latest release, Murder Mystery 2, opposite Adam Sandler, is streaming on Netflix.

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