Jack Nicholson Once Cleared The Air On Whether He Smoke A Total Of 155 Joints For His Role In Easy Ride Or Not
Jack Nicholson Once Cleared The Air On Whether He Smoke A Total Of 155 Joints For His Role In Easy Ride Or Not(Photo Credit –wikimedia)

Hollywood icon Jack Nicholson has done a variety of legendary roles which made him earn millions of loyal fans. Nicholson, back in the day, was known for taking his roles too seriously as he took method acting to a different level. The award-winning star once made headlines for smoking a total of 155 joints for his role in the hit film Easy Rider. However, the actor later clarified that nothing of that sort happened. Scroll down to read the details.

Jack Nicholson, who is now 85, tries to stay away from the limelight and prefers spending time in his lavish Beverly Hills house. The actor was recently spotted on his balcony after a gap of 18 months, looking all pale and ruffled. It seems the actor might not be in the best of his health.

Circling back to Jack Nicholson’s Easy Rider rumours of smoking joints for the epic campfire scene, as per Showbiz Cheatsheet, the actor cleared the air saying, “The story about me smoking 155 joints — that’s a little exaggerated.” The actor continued, “But each time I did a take or an angle, it involved smoking almost an entire joint. After the first take or two, the acting job became reversed.” Nicholson added, “Instead of being straight and having to act stoned at the end, I was now stoned at the beginning and having to act straight, and then gradually letting myself return to where I was — which was very stoned.”

The Oscar-winning star apparently ended up inspiring actor Bruce Campbell for the movie Evil Dead. The latter, in an interview, claimed, “We did, in fact, smoke marijuana because we had heard, in the famous Jack Nicholson movie Five Easy Pieces — no, Easy Rider — that he smoked like 47 joints before he shot that scene.”

Campbell continued, “And I thought, if he can go on to become a very famous, notable actor, we can do the same thing.”

He added, “And I had never smoked before. I was 21, and… we also found out that the weed in Tennessee was pretty good, apparently. And so we did not really film the scene successfully.”

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