Evil Dead Rise Has Dropped A Hint On The Movie’s Prequel
Evil Dead Rise Might Get A Prequel In John Wick-Like Style As Hinted By The Film’s Director ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia; Movie Poster )

The new horror movie Evil Dead Rise has been declared a blockbuster by the fans as they have been swarming to the theatres to get the jitters. The movie has been getting such a positive response that its Lee Cronin has teased possible sequel and prequel ideas. In one of his latest interviews, Cronin also shared that a prequel of Evil Dead Rise might be just like Keanu Reeves starrer John Wick.

Evil Dead Rise stars Lily Sullivan and Alyssa Sutherland in the lead and has taken a strong start at the box-office. Read on to know how Lee Cronin plans to go ahead.

According to the publication Screen Rant, Lee Cronin shared a few Evil Dead Rise sequel ideas along with a prequel idea revealing that he might pit a priest against a mass wave of Deadites in a John Wick-like fashion. Cronin asserted, “For me, actually what it was driven by is the idea that the force can’t really be destroyed. So, even though there’s someone adjacent to all the madness that has happened, that force can prevail and can kind of continue onwards. So, that’s one pathway. There’s also, there’s a second storyline, a hundred years in the past that’s shared in this. And that’s also a storyline I’ve had boiling for what goes on behind that vinyl.” The director continued, “You could go back in time. Then I’ve got one Priest versus a hundred Deadites. ‘John Wick Evil Dead.’

The Evil Dead Rise director further shared, “The challenge that was set for me was to move the dial with this world, to crack the world open in a different way. I hope I’ve been successful in doing that. I’ve actually left a few doors open to get inside that world.”

Cronin added, “There is that wraparound and that wraparound is always there. I wanted to show the fans that I understand the world, I understand where it’s been, but also here’s the change, here’s the needle drop, here’s where we’re going to go. We’re going to go somewhere else.”

The filmmaker said, “Also there’s the 10 minutes later story for those that … the lucky ones that maybe just about make it out alive. There’s that place also. And then equally, what about when the authorities show up at this building and find the carnage that’s there? And if you remember, there’s still some seriously hardcore remnants left in that building that could have an impact on a whole new set of unsuspecting factors.”

The 2013 Evil Dead was set in the woods whereas, the 2023 release has an urban setting. In a different interview, Lee Cronin teased that the two Evil Dead Rise sequel ideas are more of standalone ideas.

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