Hugh Jackman Once Spoke About His Gross Birthday Gift To Ryan Reynolds
Hugh Jackman Opened Up On His Special Birthday Gift For Ryan Reynolds(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

There cannot be a feud as happening and as funny as Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s is. The two stars are at a friendly war for years now, and honestly, almost all their fans don’t want it to ever end. It is a sheer example of how mean can one be to his friends, and they excel at it. The banter has reached to such an extent where Jackman’s grossest idea for gifting Ryan was dog poo. Yes, you read that right.


Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman met on the sets of X-Men Origins: Wolverine back in 2009, where they played Deadpool and Wolverine, respectively. And the movie also turned out to be the war ground where the beagles were blown and they refuse to stop their hilarious fight till date. Coincidently both the actors even share their birthday months and once Hugh even had a gross idea for Reynolds’ birthday.


Talking on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, Hugh Jackman spoke about his birthday gift idea to Ryan Reynolds. “The first thing that came to mind was a game we used to play as kids, did you ever play that game, we used to call it Ring and Run?” Jackman began.

Hugh Jackman added, “Where you go knock on someone’s door and run away. So of course my older brother took it to the next level and when you came to open the door there was a package that was on fire. The package was filled with various amounts of dog poo from the neighborhood. So you would stamp it out. That’s the first thing that came to mind.”

Well that is gross and we hope that doesn’t really happen. Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman also had a message for Ryan Reynolds’ wife Blake Lively. He said, “To think of what she’s had to put up with, Let’s just think COVID with Ryan. It’s amazing. I just hope more than anything that she is on her own with her friends just really enjoying her day.”

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