When 'Harry Potter's Rupert Grint Tried To Steal An Expensive Prop From The Film's Sets With His On-Screen Brothers But Failed - Here's What Happened
When ‘Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint Tried To Steal An Expensive Prop From The Film’s Sets With His On-Screen Brothers But Failed – Here’s What Happened ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

British actor Rupert Grint is widely known for his part as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter film series. Rupert was a part of the series from the very beginning and starred in all eight movies. Much like any other actor who has worked on a film franchise for years, Rupert also kept something precious from the film’s sets as a souvenir, but it did not go as he had planned. Scroll to learn what happened.

Rupert made his acting debut alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson in the 2001 film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The actor won hearts with his portrayal of one of the Weasley brothers and left a mark on every Potterhead.



Rupert gave his ten years to film franchise, and we can understand his wish to have something from the sets that he can see in his home. He did plan to have something which came out to be precious, and the makers hunted him down for it.

Once, in an interview with BBC, Rupert opened up about the time he almost stole an expensive prop from the sets of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire but failed. Narrating the incident, the actor said, “I took the golden egg that was in the fourth film – a dragon egg. Apparently, it was worth a few thousand dollars.”

Well, the actor was not alone in his mischievous adventure and received help from his on-screen brothers James and Oliver, who played Fred and George Weasley. The actor said, “I put it in a pillowcase, it was with James Oliver (the guys who played Fred and George Weasley), it was a joint effort. But they tracked it down and got it off us.”

It seems Rupert Grint was much like his character Ron Weasley and did successfully keep some props from the film’s sets.

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