Matthew Perry Thought His 'P*nis Didn't Work' For Years Until One Wild Two-Minute Romp Of “Sheer Glory”
Matthew Perry Thought He Was Impotent For Years! Friends’ Star Recalls Thinking His ‘P*nis Didn’t Work’ After Failed Drunken S*x(Pic Credit: Instagram)

Matthew Perry is a name known by people of many generations – across the world, thanks to his role as Chandler Bing in NBC’s Friends. The 53-year-old star – who is also famous for his work in Mr Sunshine, Fools Rush In, Almost Heroes, The Whole Nine Yards, and 17 Again, has released his new book – Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.

In his memoir, which is now available for purchase, the Golden Globe nominee details many of his relationships, including his split from Julia Roberts in 1995, making out with then-married Valerie Bertinelli, as well as a date with Cameron Diaz that resulted in a punch to the face. In it, he has also recalled the time he thought his p*nis was ‘broken.’ Read on.



In his new book Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, Matthew Perry opened up about the time he felt his ‘p*nis didn’t work’ and how he realized years later he wasn’t impotent. As reported by PageSix, in the book, the Friends’ actor explained that in his hometown, when he was a teenager and before he had moved away, a girl had tried to have s*x with him. Nervous about the ‘deed,’ the actor known worldwide as Chandler Bing revealed he “drank six beers beforehand and couldn’t perform.” This led to the then-young lad immediately thinking his p*nis was non-functional.

In the book, Matthew Perry wrote, that at that time he “failed to make the correlation between the booze and my private parts not working.” He continued that after that awkward incident, for years he thought s*x was something for other people. Perry wrote, “I was walking around the planet thinking s*x was something for other people. For a long time. S*x sounded awfully fun, but it was not in my arsenal.” He added that he believed he was (con)genitally impotent, but fortunately it all changed after one wild night.

Recalling when he realized his p*nis wasn’t ‘broken’, the Friends’ actor said it was all thanks to Tricia Fisher. Talking about that night with Tricia, the actor explained in the book that he told her the ‘shameful tale’ and that he was destined to repeat his initial night for the rest of his days. However, she told him to “come with me”, and assured him the wild moment was “never going to happen again”.

Recalling his ‘ding-dong’ finally working after he assumed it being broken for years, Matthew Perry wrote in the book, “With that, she walked over to me, took my hand, led me back to bed, laid me down and sure enough… sheer glory for two whole minutes!” He added that night he “finally first misplaced” his virginity then “lost it altogether.” He even declared that his impotence has not been a part of his vocabulary ever since.

In the book, Matthew joked that he managed to “pay the debt” to Tricia Fisher by “sleeping with almost every woman in Southern Carolina.”

Well, seems like Matthew Perry’s Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing need to make it’s way to all our bookshelves now – don’t you agree?

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