Matthew Perry Broke Fans' Hearts Revealing Nothing About Breaking The 'No S*x' Clause
Matthew Perry debunks the rumors that all the fans have been waiting to know about. Read on to know more about it….(Photo Credit –Instagram)

“FRIENDS” has been one of the most loved series around the world and no one misses the chance to ignore any trivia or rumor about it. Fans have also been interested to know more about the cast and their behind the scene stories. The FRIENDS reunion special was a gift that all the fans wished for a long time and Oh Boy!!! It was just perfect. “Perfect. Perfect. Perfect as Monica needs things to be”. Netizens and fans from all age groups were happy to see the cast together and relive the old days.

Matthew Perry who played the iconic character of Chandler Bing recalled an incident from the series and talked about the ‘s-x contract’. He was asked whether there was a “no s*x contract” signed amongst the six members of the cast. Lisa Kudrow who played Phoebe debunked the rumor and said there was no such rumor. Later, David Schwimmer famously known as Ross Geller jokingly replied and said, “Well, that was broken.”

Chandler Bing actor broke every fan’s heart and said, “I don’t know who he was referring to. I think there was no sex between any of them. Or at least, I was really missing something.”

As the cast confused the fans, we don’t know if David had sex with someone or if he knew someone in the cast had s*x. Amongst the cast members, Jennifer Aniston who played Rachel was shocked and looked displeased.

The fans of the FRIENDS series might want to see the cast once again, a movie sequel to the famous sitcom was widely rumored. However, it does not seem to be possible as the cast has parted ways. Watching the sex stars would be a delight for the fans but for the creators, it would definitely be a nightmare!

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