When FRIENDS Actor Matt LeBlanc AKA Joey Tribbiani Joined Taylor Swift At Her Concert, Here's How
When FRIENDS Actor Matt LeBlanc AKA Joey Tribbiani Joined Taylor Swift At Her Concert (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Parents do a lot of cute things for their kids and will go to extremes just to see that big bright smile on your face. Something similar happened with Friends actor Matt LeBlanc aka Joey Tribbiani when he crashed Taylor Swift’s concert for his daughter and was later embarrassed about it.


Back in 2016, Matt appeared at Conan O’Brien’s show and revealed how he embarrassed himself at a concert where he took his 12-year-old daughter, Marina.


“Taylor Swift was nice enough to let us come backstage,” said the Friends actor. “I went backstage and Chris Rock was there with his two little girls. So Taylor met all the girls and then she said, ‘Hey, you know, in one of my videos, the guy from my video is here and he’s the number one male model in the world. I want to introduce him on stage, and then I’d love it if you and Chris came up on stage, and I could introduce you guys as the number two and number three male models in the world,’” Matt LeBlack added.

“I had no idea it was coming. Chris and I looked at each other and he hadn’t shaved, you know, not really ready to go on stage at the Staples Center,” Matt said, jokingly and decided to help Swift and might get a ‘Daddy cool’ tag by his daughter.

Matt LeBlanc adds, “We’re like, ‘Whatever you need, Taylor, we’re here to help.’ So next thing I know, we’re underneath this stage.”

The Friends actor continued, “The model guy, he goes up first and then walks down this long catwalk. And Chris Rock and I are there and I remember just standing there looking at him underneath the stage and thinking, ‘Wow this is very bizarre. I’ve never worked with him before, don’t really know him that well.”

Matt further added, “We both look at each other and just kind of go, ‘Okay, just turn it up to 11 and act like a fool. Here we go. And it was kind of fun, just walk down the stage and dance.”

While everyone was so happy to see Matt LeBlanc walking the stage in a Taylor Swift concert, his own daughter was unimpressed. Telling Conan about the same, he said, “The funniest part is, the next morning we’re having breakfast. And I say, so, your dad last night on stage with Taylor Swift. Pretty cool.”

The Friends actor concluded, “And she goes, ‘Eh, I thought your walk was cheesy.’ Just puts it all in perspective.”

There’s no pleasing kids these days or is it? Haha.

Watch the conversation here:

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