When Ellen DeGeneres Made Justin Bieber Uncomfortable Talking About His N*de Bora-Bora Paparazzi Scandal - See Video
When Ellen DeGeneres Made Justin Bieber Uncomfortable Talking About His N*de Bora-Bora Paparazzi Scandal – Watch ( Photo Credit – Instagram; Flickr; Show Still )

Over the years, the Ellen DeGeneres show has become a cult show and enjoys a massive fan following. The host is hugely popular among the fans and is friends with a lot of A-list celebrities in the West. However there have been times that Ellen has made her guests uncomfortable and today, we’ll be talking about once such an incident when Justin Bieber appeared on the show and she made the singer awkward by talking about his n*de Bora Bora paparazzi incident and asking absurd questions to him. Scroll below to read the scoop.

Justin enjoys a massive fan following among his fans and especially on social media. When the singer appeared on Ellen’s show in 2015, he was in an alleged relationship with Selena Gomez and didn’t want to talk about his personal life on a television show. During the conversation, the Baby singer was clearly a little uncomfortable but that didn’t stop the host from asking personal questions to him.

Ellen DeGeneres said, “Let’s talk about the paparazzi show in Bora Bora,” while flashing a n*de picture of Justin Bieber. His p*nis was blurred in the picture and this was leaked by paparazzi in 2015. The host continued and said, “So, you are obviously in a private bungalow. … How did you not see that there were paparazzi there?”

Replying to Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber said, “I just didn’t see them. I think I wasn’t really looking out for them either.” While also adding that he feels that the picture was taken by the paps from hiding in a boat.

The singer continued and said, “The first thing I saw was the censored one, and it had the black thing over it. I was like, ‘oh my goodness. I don’t know what this is gonna look like.’ And then it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be.”

The host didn’t stop there and started questioning Justin about who he was with in Bora Bora making him uncomfortable. Pointing out towards his bedroom in the picture, Ellen said, “So, there’s a young woman in the background you can see in the bed. Is that your girlfriend?”

Replying to her, Justin Bieber said, “No, it’s not,” while adding, “just a friend.” Ellen DeGeneres immediately quipped and said, “You just brought a friend to Bora Bora? And you’re just n*ked with your friend?”

Watch the full conversation here:

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