When Chris Hemsworth & Scarlett Johansson Joked About How Thor's Hammer Grew In Size
Scarlett Johansson Once Asked Chris Hemsworth How Thor’s Hammer Got Bigger In Size ( Photo Credit – Wikipedia )

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has gained a massive fan following over the years not only because of their works but also the actors who made the characters even more lovable. Among them, Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson are quite popular. All the Marvel stars have developed a strong bond after working for so long, and it is often reflected in their interviews. And we came across one of the funny interactions between Chris and Scarlett.

For those who do not know, Chris is known for portraying the role of Thor Odinson, aka God of Thunder. While Johansson played, the role of a spy turned avenger Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow.

As the fans would know, especially Marvel fans, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor lost his beloved hammer, Mjölnir, during the events of Thor Ragnarok when his estranged elder sister Hela broke it into pieces. Following that, he got the Stormbreaker in Avengers: Infinity War. Now, Stormbreaker looks different from Mjölnir, and the former is bigger in size.

In a throwback video that we came across on Instagram, where Scarlett Johansson asked Chris Hemsworth, “How did your hammer grow, Chris?” To which the latter said, “I used my friend’s arm for it!” The Black Widow actress instantly replied, “Eww!” Did you guys get the double meaning here? But incidentally, what he said is true because while making the hammer, Groot used his arm to make the handle of the hammer.

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Chris Hemsworth returned for the role of Thor last year with Thor Love And Thunder, which is the fourth movie in the franchise of his solo films. After discovering that he is genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s disorder, he decided to take time off from acting and spend more time with his family and take preventive steps.

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