Britney Spears’ Parental Skills Were Scrutinised By The Entire World Once When She Almost Dropped Her Baby
When Britney Spears Almost Dropped Her Baby While Being Followed By Paps, Cried Silently At A Cafe Later(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Britney Spears’ life has not been easy, and to pen down the difficulties of her journey is not at all easy. Early on, she was objectified by the media and her s*x appeal was made a huge deal. Her exes did her dirty, and her mental health deterioration was not handled well by the audience. The conservatorship was terminated in 2021, but the singer still has a long way to go. Before the course of legal guardianship began, she had several episodes of public mental breakdowns that are difficult to watch even today.

In 2006, the singer nearly dropped her 8-month-old son while having a glass in another hand. Hundreds of paparazzi followed her, and people were quick to doubt her parental skills. To know what really happened, scroll on.



Britney Spears was pregnant in 2006 and walked out of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, in Manhattan, with her son Sean Preston. She wore a white cut-out long top and jeans. Reportedly, she was surrounded by hundreds of paparazzi as soon as she appeared outside the hotel. While walking, her jeans got stuck with her open-toed sandals, and she tripped. Sean almost fell from her arms, but the mama was quick to handle him. Her bodyguards also came in to help, but the damage was done. Hundreds and hundreds of flashes were observed in a span of a few seconds, capturing Britney’s vulnerable moment.

A YouTube page called Celebritiesprofile1158 shared glimpses of the event recently, and it’s heartbreaking. Britney Spears went to a cafe nearby to spend some alone time with her child, where she wept and caressed her son, probably feeling guilty and awful. But the media did not give her any privacy and clicked on her throughout her breakdown.

Take A look:

It might have been okay then (doubtful) but it’s so not okay now! The video has over 6 thousand comments, most of them slamming the paps for making a mockery out of Britney’s mental health. Here’s what they wrote –

“She’s been literally abused in different ways all these years….”

“That picture of her sitting there crying makes me feel so many emotions. Poor girl it absolutely breaks my heart”

“I’m convinced that Brittany had postpartum depression and having back to back babies is hard for any mother but imagine if you’re struggling with that and the world is watching and chasing you”

“She was so young too, between wanting to protect her baby and feeling alone it would have been so overwhelming, that poor woman I’m so happy she’s finally free.”

“WTF is wrong with this world?”

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