When Anne Hathaway Was Bombarded With Rude Questions About Her Weight That She Dodged Gracefully
When Anne Hathaway Was Asked Petty Questions About Her Weight & Physique, Making The Actress Uncomfortable ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Anne Hathaway is one of the most supremely talented actresses in Hollywood. One can learn about her skills by asking how she relates to her roles, her thought process behind choosing a movie, and the efforts that go into bringing her characters to life. But rather, some interviewers choose to ignore all of that and ask her petty and trivial questions about her weight. It happened once during the promotion of Love & Other Drugs. Scroll on to learn more.

It has happened several times when actresses have been asked s*xist questions about their looks, costumes and families, whereas their male counterparts have been asked about their roles and acting. From Scarlett Johansson to Kiera Knightly, actresses have called out these biases and the media’s s*xism constantly.

Anne Hathaway is also one such actress who has called out such trivial questions several times and has refused to give in. In such instance, she was giving an interview while promoting her film Love & Other Drugs. The interviewer straight away asked, “How much weight have you lost to get into this shape right now?” Anne was completely stunned for a second and said, “You did not just ask me that! What a forward young man you are?!”

The interviewer further added, “I’m not saying you needed to lose weight, I’m just saying, you look…” The clip changed to another interview where Anne Hathaway was promoting The Dark Knight Rises. The interviewer asked, “What is the feline fitness regime?” She simply answered one needed to be conscious about their health and workout. The interviewer kept probing to which the actress wittily replied, “Are you trying to lose weight? What’s the deal? You look great. What do you want? Are you trying to fit into a catsuit?”

Take A Look:

The video was shared by an Instagram page called Femalequotient and here’s what the netizens commented-

One wrote, “She’s treating these interviewers with much more respect than they deserve.”

Another added, “She is also someone who has recovered from an eating disorder herself and always bats these questions straight back in the ‘interviewers’ (if you can call them that) faces. 🙌 Legend”

A user said, “Great job Hathaway. Excellent redirect. The interviewers should honestly know better by now. Like are you just totally unprepared to ask the questions that it’s your job to ask? 😬”

Another mentioned, “Does the interviewer know how inept they sound?”

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