When Anne Hathaway Recalled Embarrassing First Meeting With Daniel Craig
When Anne Hathaway’s First Encounter With Daniel Craig Was Embarrassing (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

British actor Daniel Craig enjoys a massive fan following throughout the world. Several women go weak watching the British star piercing blue eyes and rippling physique. So did Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway when she met him for the first time but soon the encounter became embarrassing.


The Devil Wears Prada actress appeared on Graham Norton’s show and revealed that she met the James Bond star at a Golden Globes event for the first time. Expectedly, she was starstruck when she spotted him across the room and, in her excitement, she got her wires crossed.


Just when Anne Hathaway saw Daniel Craig she was wondering if she should introduce herself, the latter suddenly mouthes at her, “F*ck you”. Recalling the incident, She said, “I was like, ‘Oh my God! I have just instantly become so famous that Daniel Craig is messing with me and we don’t even know each other. And all of a sudden he looks up and looks right at me, and he goes, ‘F*ck you’. And so, of course, I’m like, ‘F*ck you.”

The Les Miserables actress then said Craig stuck two fingers up and then she did the same back with both hands. She then got one step ahead in the trading of insults, and pretended she couldn’t hear what he was saying, flipped her both middle fingers and shouted, “Do you want me to turn it up?”

It was only then Daniel Craig said: “Oh no, no, not you” and pointed behind her. Hathaway then realised he hadn’t been communicating with her at all. That’s right, Craig has been communicating with British director Stephen Daldry. As everyone was laughing, Anne admitted: “That’s when I realised I’m just an idiot!”

Take a look at the hilarious conversation in the video clip below:

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