Harry Styles 'Loves To Unwind By Playing Golf'
Harry Styles’ Go-To To De-Stress During Tour Is Rounds Of Golf (Photo Credit – Harry Styles / Instagram)

‘One Direction’ star Harry Styles has been playing golf for years but has been trying to get in as many rounds as possible since touring as a solo star.

The 28-year-old singer has been playing the game for years but has been trying to get in as many rounds as possible since touring as a solo star, reports femalefirst.co.uk.



A source told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “Harry Styles loves to unwind by playing golf. When you’ve got over 60,000 fans screaming your name with every movement it can be overwhelming.

“A round of golf is the complete opposite of a stadium show – it’s peaceful and by its nature, comes with privacy, so it’s perfect. Harry Styles has made sure to check out as many golf courses as possible as he tours the world. He’s even added golfing clothes to his luggage.”

During their One Direction days, Harry and his bandmate Niall Horan, 28, often enjoyed a round of golf together and Niall formed the golf management company, Modest! Golf in 2016.

Previously, speaking about his passion for the sport, Horan had told todaysgolfer.co.uk: “Obviously, my day-to-day job is a musician and it’s something I dreamt about being since I was a child. But away from my job, my biggest love is golf and has been from when I used to watch the Masters as a kid with my father.

Niall Horan continued, “When I started Modest! Golf my intention was always to do my bit to get more young people into the game and to support the younger generation of professional golfers.  Hopefully the work we are doing in the event space and in addition to our work with the R A, we like to think we are doing our bit but of course it needs all the stakeholders in golf to pull together to make the biggest difference.”

“Having travelled all over the world, I’ve obviously witnessed the power of my fans. A lot of them would be young females and they’re so passionate. Knowing what power the young ladies have, that can only lead to great things.

Niall Horan added, “I watch and study all sorts of golf to be honest, it’s always been all inclusive to me, and it’s about getting young girls to pick up a club, giving it a go and though they might hit 50 bad ones, the 51st will probably be a good one and will encourage them to go back for more and that’s what it’s all about.

“I feel very passionate about this. If we can grow the female game, we can grow the game in general. As simple as that.”

Earlier today Harry Styles was trending on social media as his fans were unhappy with the manner in which their idol was hounded by the paparazzi while in New York City. When they slammed the photographer and videographers who surrounded him when he exited an NYC restaurant, they also trolled his girlfriend Olivia Wilde for seemingly enjoying the attention while he was visibly uncomfortable.

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