Was Robert Downey Jr AKA Iron Man NOT Easy To Work With In The MCU?
Was Robert Downey Jr AKA Iron Man NOT Easy To Work With In The MCU?(Pic credit: Getty Images)

One cannot deny that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is standing still because of Robert Downey Jr is one of the strongest pillars. In 2008, with Iron Man, the journey of MCU began and so far, it has made around 24 movies for fans around the world to enjoy.

With Avengers: Endgame, the actor might have bid goodbye, but everyone who has worked with him wishes he returns. Since his exit from the Marvel world, there have been speculations that he will make special appearances in Spider-Man 3 and Black Widow. However, none of that is true.

But the latest news suggests that Robert Downey Jr was difficult to work in MCU. Yes, you read that right. Amid the reports going around of how Matt Reeves is having a hard time with Robert Pattinson in The Batman, this shocking revelation has come forward. As reported by WeGotThisCovered, director Gary J. Tunnicliffe made the revelation.

Gary J. Tunnicliffe said, “I mean, look, there’s a very nice kind of cleanup job on RDJ right now, and everyone seems to think that Robert Downey Jr.’s the most lovable fluffy bunny rabbit on the planet.”

“Yet, I know stories from Iron Man where Robert Downey Jr was not an easy person to work with and can be quite difficult. But he clearly knows that he’s the face of the franchise and he’s treated in a very different way to a lot of the other actors and knows the power he has, and I think the filmmakers involved clearly know it, so he has to be respected. He’s the elephant in the room if you like, he knows where the power is.”

Well, we wonder what Marvel Studios, the directors or Iron Man and several Avengers movie have to say. Also, his co-stars Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Holland and others who love him a lot.

Meanwhile, now that RDJ has no MCU project to work for as Iron Man, he is focusing on the third Sherlock Holmes movie. Recently, speculations raised that he wants Johnny Depp and Tom Holland in the film which also stars Jude Law. Reports also stated that he wants to make Sherlock Holmes a universe like Marvel movies.

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