Mid-Week Does Not Mean One Cannot Have Fun. We Curated A Must Check-Out Playlist For You To Cheer Up
Get Up And Get Grooving With Our Essential Mid-Week Playlist That Features Global Artistes Like Bad Bunny And Beyonce Among Others ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Bravo, pat your back. You got through Tuesday and all set to take over the world again as you walk back to taxing work on Wednesday. Mid-week crisis is for real but don’t you worry as we got you covered. We will get you grooving in your working shoes with our Tuesday Tango playlist and guess what, our featured songs will also help you beat the afternoon slump on Wednesday.

This might be your best find on the Internet. From songs of Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny and Migos to Queen Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, a playlist so diverse, you will forget what mid-week blues are. So get your headphones plugged in as we take you away from life’s trials and tribulations in our debut Tuesday Tango. 

Bad Bunny- ‘El Apagón’



We had to start on a high note. Puerto Rican rapper and singer Bad Bunny is one of the hottest artistes on the planet right now. Cheer up your mood with Bad Bunny’s 2022 banger ‘El Apagón’. The term translates to “the blackout” and what better way to end your Tuesday? The song takes its time to get you in the mood to party but when it does then there is no going back. Even though it comes with a serious message, the rapper in an interview had said this was a song from the heart.

Migos- ‘Taco Tuesday’

“Durel made the beat, I’ma rock with it/ Pretty down night right now/ Sike (Uh), ’cause it’s Taco Tuesday/ What is it? (Woo) Taco Tuesday/ Yeah (Woo)” is how the absolute banger starts. ‘Taco Tuesday’ is one of the most catchy songs out there. Released in 2020, the peppy rap number instantly gets your attention and makes you forget all your worries swiftly moving into our Tuesday Tango playlist.

Jennifer Lopez- ‘Let’s Get Loud’

The title of Jennifer Lopez’s song says it all. What better way to get loud than on a JLo number? “If you wanna live your life, live it all the way and don’t you waste it, every feeling, every beat” is what Lopez tells you. The lyrics will hit you right in the head and will make you prepare for the hustle. The song works wonder if you are an old school lover.

I Love Makonnen Ft. Drake- ‘Tuesday’

We actually got you a song which is called ‘Tuesday’. Yes, this song exists. Whether sitting late at night in the office to push those numbers or driving alone after a long day, I Love Makonnen’s track will make you relax. The best part is the song features Toronto icon Drake and you might want to rap along with him.

Beyoncé- ‘Freakum Dress’

How can we not include Beyonce in our mid-week playlist? Even if you are not a Queen Bey fan, the singer’s track called ‘Freakum Dress’ will get you through the mid-week crisis. The song was featured in Beyonce’s second solo album ‘B’Day (2006) and became an instant favourite among music lovers. The whistles, and scattered rhythms with keyboard pulses will be enough to prepare you for the next day.

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