Kevin Feige Reportedly Reveals Why Robert Downey Jr Was Cast As Iron Man Over Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise Was Being Considered To Play Iron Man (2008), Before Robert Downey Jr Came Onboard ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia ; IMDb )

Who knew that Disney’s experiment with Marvel comics in 2008 by making the first Iron Man movie would lead to an entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, which at the moment has over 30 films all connected by the same thread and shows that have branched out? Robert Downey Jr was technically a lab rat at that point because there was no plan but just a tall-order experiment as to whether it all worked or not. But it turned out he became our Tony Stark, and we all ended up vowing to love him 3000 all our lives. But do you recall there was also Tom Cruise in the mix? Turns out, Kevin Feige is talking about him now.

For the ones scratching their heads, there was indeed a point when Robert Downey Jr was not in the picture, and the bosses at the budding Marvel studios were considering actors like Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise. The latter was their top most choice. But destiny had its own plan, and turned out neither of the two made the cut, and RDJ became Iron Man.

All these years, we have heard that the studio has been wanting Tom Cruise to join as an Iron Man variant. The most recent was that they wanted to play a villainous Iron Man variant in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, but it didn’t happen. A new report now suggests that Kevin Feige has decided to reveal why Robert Downey Jr was cast over Tom back in 2008. Read on to know everything you should know about the same below

As per the Comic Book Movie, via MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios, Tom Cruise indeed “flirted with the idea of playing [Tony] Stark.” The book also claims to have a Kevin Feige quote about the same, which is surprising because none of the top executives have ever spoken about this.

As per the excerpt, Kevin Feige, in a conversation with the authors, said, “Cruise’s asking fee at the time was more than even a profitable studio like Fox was willing to risk on an untested superhero property.” It indeed was an untested property back in the day and bloomed into something illustrious.

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