David Beckham's Alleged Mistress Rebecca Loos Accuses Him Of Sleeping With Another Women Amid Their Affair & His Marriage To Victoria Beckham!
David Beckham’s Alleged Mistress Rebecca Loos Makes Bombshell Claims Amid Controversy Around Their Alleged Affair! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

David Beckham broke silence on his alleged affair with former personal assistant Rebecca Loos in his recently released documentary on Netflix. His wife and fashion designer Victoria Beckham also spoke about the controversy and said it felt like the world was against them. While the celebrity couple has denied the allegations, scroll below as new bombshell claims have surfaced on the internet.

Rebecca had previously claimed she hooked up with David in 2003 while he was traded to play in Madrid, and she was working for him in Spain. He was in his fourth year of marriage to Victoria Beckham and denied the affair to the media. But the rumors were quite strong, leading to a “rough patch” and a difficult phase in his marital life.

In the latest released Netflix Documentary, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham stood united against the affair allegations. Their statements did not go very well with Rebecca Loos, who has now come forward with a bombshell claim about the former footballer sleeping with a Spanish model.

Rebecca Loos revealed in a conversation with DailyMail that she attended Brazilian player Ronaldo Nazário’s birthday party along with David Beckham in September 2003. She received a call from Victoria Beckham, who was “upset because she’s calling David and he’s not answering.”

Rebecca continued, “It’s a bit awkward. I went into the house and up the stairs, and I saw David’s two bodyguards outside a door. I can see the model in the background lying on the bed. I can see it’s a bedroom. I was fuming, and I just looked at him, gave him the phone, and said, ‘Your wife.’ It was just this awful feeling, and I thought to myself, ‘You stupid fool.’ But he had me, he had his claws into me, and I was at his beck and call.”

Loos also slammed David for his statements in the Netflix documentary as she added, “He can say whatever he likes, of course, and I understand he has an image to preserve, but he is portraying himself as the victim, and he’s making me look like a liar like I’ve made up these stories. He is indirectly suggesting that I’m the one who has made Victoria suffer.”

Beckham is currently streaming on Netflix.

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