Tom Cruise Special Holiday Cake: Everything You Need To Know About It & Why It's Hollywood's Most Favourite
Tom Cruise Special Holiday Cake: Everything You Need To Know About It & Why It’s Hollywood’s Most Favourite, See Pic (Photo Credit – Tom Cruise/Getty)

Rosie O’Donnell once stated that the “official start to the Christmas season” happens when she receives her holiday gift from Tommy AKA Tom Cruise. This has been a secret tradition among many Hollywood stars since years now. They receive this lip-smackingly delicious looking cake at the peak of their holiday mood at Christmas.

The cake we’re talking about is known as White Chocolate Coconut Bundt Cake from Doan’s Bakery. Set in Woodland Hills, California, this is a family-run business. This is reviewed by famous Hollywood stars such as Kirsten Dunst labels it as ‘one of the best cakes’ she has ever had and Jimmy Fallon feels it’s ‘unbelievable’.



Henry Cavill once described this cake as ‘the most decadent, the most amazing’. Below is the photo of the cake we’re talking about, get your mouth watered:

Tom Cruise, while having a conversation with James Corden, had said about the cake, “I send [cakes to everyone… and I wait for the calls, from recipients to hear how good the cakes are and I’m like: Tell me about it.” He also confessed that he refrains from consuming sugar while he prepares/shoots for any movie.

White Chocolate Coconut Bundt Cake from Doan’s Bakery
The Delicious Cake Tom Cruise Has Sent To His Friends (Pic Courtesy: Goldbelly Bakery)

Eric Doan, the owner of the bakery, had a word with Yahoo Entertainment describing the history of this particular cake. He said, “The funny thing is, we’ve been doing that cake for a quarter of a century. It’s just a unique cake that we dreamt up 25 years ago, and we’ve always done it for different cafes, restaurants and caterers.”

Doan doesn’t mainly advertise the cake on Tom Cruise’s name except for a few mentions here and there. He added, “it’s taken on that moniker of the ‘Tom Cruise cake,’ if you will.” Accordingly to him, the first famous customer of that cake “was probably Diane Keaton, if you want to know the truth.”

He further reveals, “That is true. Diane had been a fan of that cake for quite a while before Cruise made it famous.”

On the ‘decorating the packaging’ side, Doan adds, “That’s an important point. I’ve had people order that cake in the past who were expecting it to come like that. That’s all Tom’s crew. Basically, every year I receive gift boxes from [Tom’s team]. Then they take the cake to a secondary location, and they spruce it all up with the fancy wrapping.” So, whoever ordering the cake, don’t expect a similar packaging because that’s exclusive to Tom Cruise.

He further says, “I’ve never frozen it myself at the bakery — because we go through so many of them! — but my understanding is that it freezes very well. You just want to make sure you wrap it up airtight. I mean, we also do wedding cakes and so freezing it is not unlike how some couples freeze the top layer until their first anniversary.”

All these years, Doan has never met Tom Cruise, yes! He informs, “We’ve only dealt with his people, and everyone has been super sweet. When he was still living in Beverly Hills, we would bring them a bunch of desserts for their Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations, as a thank you.”

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