Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman Once Posed N*aked For A Magazine Cover
Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman Once Posed Of What Appeared To Be N*ked For A Magazine Cover ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman was the “It” couple of Hollywood in the ‘90s and during the same time, the duo made several red carpet appearances which soon became the fan’s favourite moments. One of the other golden moments for the fans of Cruise and Kidman happened when the two appeared on the cover of Time magazine in 1999. Read on to know more.

The Mission Impossible star and Nicole Kidman appeared to be n*ked on the cover as no clothes were seen when they posed for their mid-shots. The same post was recently shared by a Reddit user and it soon got trolled by the netizens.



A Reddit post shared multiple images of the former love birds. In the first image, Tom Cruise can be seen sticking his tongue out and licking Kidman’s chin as the latter poses seductively with her eyes closed. In the second picture, Cruise and Kidman stare right into each other while the latter holds his head with love. In the third image, Kidman leans a bit towards Cruise as the latter looks straight into the camera. To reiterate, in all three images, both the actors appear to be n*ked s they pose up, close and personal for the magazine.

Take a look:

Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman photographed by Herb Ritts, 1999
by u/Ok-Doubt6658 in popculturechat

Reddit users were quick to comment on the post as one user stated, “Hate him, love her, can’t deny they both look so hot.” Another said, “Wow Nicole looks like a porcelain doll, gorgeous.” And, one shared, “I thought he looks so creepy in the first pic tho.”

The next one claimed, “I like em weird” as one stated, “He’s looking very Patrick Bateman in the first pic.” Another individual mentioned, “First pic also looks almost like they shopped them next to each other.”

One user shared, “Tom Cruise is serving American Psycho” as another chimed in, “This makes so much sense, there’s something so creepy about him in these photos.” One user concluded, “It’s weird seeing Tom Cruise in that way. He’s so as*xual to me.”

The Ghost Protocol star and Nicole Kidman last worked together in Stanley Kubrick’s s*xy thriller Eyes Wide Shut.

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