Tom Cruise Is Beyond Criticism At The Church Of Scientology Reveals Leah Remini After Filing A Lawsuit Against The Institution
Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes’s Wedding Had A Few Red Flags Claims Leah Remini After Pressing Charges Against The Church Of Scientology ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Wikimedia )

Tom Cruise is said to be an ardent practitioner of Scientology, and it’s not a secret anymore. Now, actress Leah Remini claims the Mission Impossible 7 star holds a position of great significance at the church and that she was held at a facility for four months after Cruise and Katie Holmes’ wedding after filing a lawsuit against the Church of Scientology, accusing them of harassing and threatening her.

For the unversed, on Wednesday, the actress took to her Twitter to reveal that she has placed charges against the institution after seventeen years. She parted ways with the Church in 2013 but chose to speak up only now! Cruise’s involvement with the institution was also believed to be one reason behind his divorce from Nicole Kidman, and he got married to Homes in 2006. Keep scrolling to get the deets.

As per a report by Yahoo Entertainment, Leah Remini claimed that Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige are best friends making the Hollywood star “second in command in Scientology”. The report claimed, “It is a High Crime in Scientology to criticize [Tom] in any way.” It also claimed that in 2004 Miscavige, at a gala in England praising Tom, said, “[he is] the most dedicated Scientologist I know.” During the wedding of Cruise and Katie Holmes, Miscavige’s wife Michele aka Shelly was missing alarming Remini.

Leah Remini’s filing details state, “When Ms Remini asked a group of Scientology executives and Tom Cruise’s personal handlers … ‘Where is Shelly?’ she was immediately admonished by the group, despite the fact that she and Ms Miscavige were good friends.”

Leah Remini allegedly witnessed a lot of red flags at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s wedding. After that, she was ordered to go to Clearwater to the Flag Land base, considered the spiritual headquarters of Scientology, where she claims that she was forced to undergo a quick ethic cycle, which she says to one of her life’s worst nightmares.

The filing also mentioned, “Upon arrival, Ms Remini was presented with dozens of internal reports from Scientologists complaining about her behaviour at the wedding. It was clear to Ms Remini that she was being punished for asking where Shelly Miscavige was and for filing reports on David Miscavige and others. Ms Remini was held at FLAG for four months while she was put through a process that cost her hundreds of thousands of dollars and nearly led her to have a psychotic breakdown.” After that, she tried to make things right with Tom Cruise and was allegedly forced to donate money.

The lawsuit said, “For example, she was forced to donate money to name a seat in a theatre after Suri Cruise and was to raise money for donation to Scientology causes led by Tom Cruise.” Her filing claims that Leah has spent almost $5 million during her run as a Scientologist over 35 years.

Meanwhile, the Church has denied all of Leah Rmini’s claims and labelled them as ‘ludicrous’, ‘frivolous’ and ‘pure lunacy’. And for Tom Cruise, he was last seen in Mission Impossible 7 – Dead Reckoning Part One!

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