Titanic: Leonardo DiCaprio's Line, "Over On The Bed...The Couch." As He Paints Kate Winslet Wasn't Scripted
Titanic: Leonardo DiCaprio’s Line, “Over On The Bed…The Couch.” As He Paints Kate Winslet Wasn’t Scripted

Titanic (1997) has a special place in the history of global cinema. The romantic tragedy film which was based on the real incident made the audience feel things like no other. Even after 23 years of its release, the James Cameron directorial manages to give us goosebumps thanks to its story and performances. Rose (Kate Winslet) & Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio)’s unadulterated romance still inspires many.

A scene in the film in which Jack paints a n*de Rose has become iconic over the years. Just a few days back we shared how it was Kate Winslet who decided to make Leonardo DiCaprio comfortable for the scene. When the actress came to know that they will have a n*de scene in the film with Leo, she flashed him on the first day itself.

It has also been learnt before that it was James Cameron himself who had created the said painting originally. In fact, all the paintings which Jack carries in the film were the art of Cameron.

But there’s surely more interesting stuff about this scene than we know. Today we are going to share one more interesting trivia about the much-discussed painting scene. Do you remember while painting Rose in the scene, Jack says, “Over on the bed…the couch.”? According to IMDB, the original line in the script was, “Lie on that couch”. Leonardo DiCaprio made an honest mistake when he said, “Over on the bed…the couch.” and James Cameron was so in love with it that he decided to keep the line. Whoa! Isn’t that cool?

Titanic did a worldwide business of more than $2 billion. Even after more than 2 decades of its release, the film is 3rd highest-grosser of all time globally. Only Avatar and Avengers: Endgame have managed to surpass the global business of the film. It is also the top-grossing film of Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet and James Cameron’s 2nd highest grosser.

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